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LD4all chatroom

To hang out with other lucid dreamers, LD4all has a chatroom.

Before you join please be sure you have read the chat guidelines.

If you have questions or problems connecting to the chat read Siiw's LD4all Chat FAQ.


#LD4all is the main LD4all chatroom. It is quite busy at times and most of the time it is general chit-chat amongst (lucid) dreamers.

To join #LD4all now, type your nickname and click the button next to it.

Chat instructions

The chat uses Flash. If you prefer to use your own chatclient, you can also connect to the chatroom with an irc-client like Mirc.

Use these settings:
server: irc.chat4all.org
port: 6667, 6668 or 6669
channel: #ld4all

Quick LD4all Chat guide

To help you get started here are some basic commands, as well as instructions on how to register your name. If you have more questions you can always ask them in the chatroom.

To chat, type your message in the commandline at the bottom of the chatscreen and hit return.
You will see your message appear in the window.

On the right side of the chat window you see who is currently in the chatroom. Everything you type is visible to everybody.

Some basic IRC commands
All IRC commands start with "/".

/me [message]
If your chatname is Lucy typing /me likes to chat! will show *** Lucy likes to chat!

/msg [name] [message]
This is a private message. Only the person you send it to will see it. If somebody sends you a PM you will see a little icon at the bottom of the chatwindow with that persons name. click on it and you get a new private window for just you two.
example: /msg Lucy hi! how are you? will send Lucy (and only Lucy) the message hi! how are you?

/nick [your name]
This will change your name. For example /nick Lucy will change your name into Lucy.

Registering your name
You can register your nickname, so nobody else can use it. Here you'll find instructions on that.

In the chatroom you will always meet Lucidus. Lucidus is your helpful LD4all channel bot. You can give him commands. To see all the commands, type !help in the room.

He also knows all lucid dreaming related acronyms. Try typing ? WILD to let him explain what WILD stands for. To see all commands type ? help

The LD4all chatrooms are on an IRC server. Here is more information on IRC.


All times are GMT + 2 Hours

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