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Topic: Free Lucid Induction CD "Download"

Replies: 148
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Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: Free Lucid Induction CD "Download"
Posted: Thu 24 Mar, 2005
What, my DSL is actually good for something?

I was done in a few minutes ^^
Topic: the BIG Jokes topic

Replies: 169
Views: 54627

Forum: Lucid Lounge
Subject: the BIG Jokes topic
Posted: Wed 23 Mar, 2005
A Highway Patrol officer pulls Heisenburg over for speeding. He walks up to the driver side window and asks, "Sir, do you know how fast you were going?"

Heisenburg replies, "No, but I know where I ...
Topic: Two investigations into the Light Switch Phenomenon

Replies: 29
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Forum: General Lucidness
Subject: Two investigations into the Light Switch Phenomenon
Posted: Tue 22 Mar, 2005
This is a bit late but... CosmonautFantome, the reason the room name on your paper changed was probably because your brain realized that none of the rooms on that floor had that name. So, it "reconsid ...
Topic: new! Select your kin and have it in your sig automatically!

Replies: 30
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Forum: LD4all news and announcements
Subject: new! Select your kin and have it in your sig automatically!
Posted: Sun 20 Mar, 2005
Neat ^^

If only I knew what these symbols mean... time to go invade the dreamspell board grin
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