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Topic: The Ultimate WILD technique?

Replies: 31
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Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: The Ultimate WILD technique?
Posted: Sun 27 Jan, 2013
What do you mean we can't? We can do whatever we want :) I recently decided to drop a lot of other things to do more meditation and lucid dreaming practice...

It's a matter of intention.

Sounds ...
Topic: Acetylcholineesterase inhibitors

Replies: 1
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Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: Acetylcholineesterase inhibitors
Posted: Fri 25 Jan, 2013
I tried ordering some galantamine, but it might be classified as a prescription drug here in Finland so I'm not sure if that will come through... So I was thinking, have people experimented with other ...
Topic: Silene Capensis

Replies: 2
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Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: Silene Capensis
Posted: Fri 25 Jan, 2013
I tried some a few years ago, and had an incredibly bad experience. You might find it with the forum search from here, it was posted under another user name IIRC.

But then again I never used any dr ...
Topic: Tibetan dream yoga

Replies: 7
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Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: Tibetan dream yoga
Posted: Fri 25 Jan, 2013
Incidentally, I'm just reading the book also, but I find it a bit hard to connect to the excercises, since I have some basic disagreements with buddhism (the whole escape from samsara thing, I'm more ...
Topic: The BIG vitamin B topic

Replies: 149
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Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: The BIG vitamin B topic
Posted: Tue 28 Jun, 2005
Mm vitamines can have unpleasant side-effects just like any other substances that enter the body..

"Too much vitamin B6 can result in nerve damage to the arms and legs. This neuropathy is usually r ...
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