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Topic: The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part II

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Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part II
Posted: Sat 09 Jan, 2010
once i have a LD i want to:
1. i want to trade places with Aya Kito so i can see what her life was like
2. flying sounds like its the funniest thing
3. go to japan
4. be a character from a book
5 ...
Topic: random questions about LD

Replies: 8
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Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: random questions about LD
Posted: Sat 09 Jan, 2010
i just found out about LD yesterday and that same night i had been reading a bunch about LD and i decided to do reality checks periodically. when i went to sleep i was so fixated on have a LD that i d ...
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