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Topic: The BIG Cat Lover & Dog Lover Topic II

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Forum: Lucid Lounge
Subject: The BIG Cat Lover & Dog Lover Topic II
Posted: Mon 09 Oct, 2006
awww, he's SOOOO adorable. i like jonah too, it's too bad your dad doesn't like it. i think juni is cute also. i dunno. i find it's easiest to name pets with something ending in a y just because it's ...
Topic: Toilets/bathrooms in dreams

Replies: 121
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Forum: the Stuff Dreams are made of...
Subject: Toilets/bathrooms in dreams
Posted: Sun 08 Oct, 2006
i only remember one dream where i dreamt about bathrooms in particular. i was at this bar and i had ordered steak and eggs (not that i can get into bars, nor would i order steak and eggs). i went into ...
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