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Topic: Insomnia - Can't sleep! Part I

Replies: 149
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Forum: the Stuff Dreams are made of...
Subject: Insomnia - Can't sleep! Part I
Posted: Sun 23 Nov, 2003
i have that problem too
Topic: The BIG Brainwave Generator topic part III

Replies: 135
Views: 85154

Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: The BIG Brainwave Generator topic part III
Posted: Sat 22 Nov, 2003
that brainwave generator thing is kinda dumb its way too complicated they need to keep it simple and all the sounds should be free
Topic: What is sleep paralysis and it's causes?

Replies: 20
Views: 17906

Forum: General Lucidness
Subject: What is sleep paralysis and it's causes?
Posted: Sat 22 Nov, 2003
ive had sleep paralysis when i was just laying in bed watching tv when all the sudden i had a very extreme tingling sensation and then my body froze and i couldnt move or talk but i guess ive got stro ...
Topic: Blind Dreams

Replies: 22
Views: 14209

Forum: General Lucidness
Subject: hey mr cotter i know da answer
Posted: Thu 20 Nov, 2003
well people who are born blind dont see in there dreams at all but they hear and feel more vividly like if we get shot at we see and hear it when a blind person is shot at they feel it. and people who ...
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