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Topic: INCEPTION: Hostile Dream Characters. (Warning: spoilers)

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Forum: Article Space
Subject: INCEPTION: Hostile Dream Characters. (Warning: spoilers)
Posted: Tue 08 Feb, 2011
I believe that hostile dc┤s are projections of the parts of our psyches that wants to maintain status quo. Like the demons that attacked the Buddha as he sat and meditated.
Lucid dreaming is a powe ...
Topic: Increased perception?

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Forum: General Lucidness
Subject: Increased perception?
Posted: Sun 09 Sep, 2007
Does your perception of your senses increase when you have a lucid dream? Like for example a psychedelic trip.
Topic: The BIG vitamin B topic

Replies: 149
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Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: The BIG vitamin B topic
Posted: Wed 22 Nov, 2006
Oh my god! Today i found tabs with 100mg B6 each!
Lucid Dreams here i come!!!! wiske
Topic: [WBTB] Getting lucid everynight, how come so fast?

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Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: [WBTB] Getting lucid everynight, how come so fast?
Posted: Sun 22 Oct, 2006
If you want I can write down the exact technique I use to achieve this kind of lucidity

it would be nice to read about your technics! So plz post them! smile
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