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benefits of LDs?

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benefits of LDs?
PostPosted: Tue 08 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

Could anyone point me to resources regarding the benefits of LDs?

Besides being a fun and interesting experience, do LDs have any real benefit in our waking lives?

Has anyone become a "dream master" of sorts?

Just curious...

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PostPosted: Wed 09 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

Paul Tholey has done quite a lot of research about the benefits of LDing for real life sport achievements. You can do a search on him. He has written some books too but I don't know if they're available in English..
Also, Stephen LaBerge has experimented in this area. You might want to read his books "Lucid Dreaming" and "Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming". For instance, LDing can be used to overcome phobias and fears by practicing a dream confrontation. LDs can be used as rehearsal for waking life events (for instance if you have to give a speech, you can practice in LDs). They can teach you more about your-Self, by for instance resolve nightmares (therefore LDs can also offer a strong healing instrument for your-Self). Furthermore, LDs can be a source of inspiration and creativity (inspiration for art, poetry, novel-writing, but also inspiration on how to act in a specific situation, how to get the best out of it). In this way, LDs can be the ultimate playground where you can test, experiment and experience how to handle specific situations in the best way.

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