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Whatcha Gettin' For Christmas?

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King of my Bedroom
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PostPosted: Thu 16 Dec, 2004  Reply with quote

a hobbit costume and the ring of power

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~ThE OdD oNe~
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PostPosted: Sun 19 Dec, 2004  Reply with quote

Ill reply to this post just cuz im bored

All id like to get is a CD player ^^ ...whats the point of an expensive MP3 player anywho? eh

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PostPosted: Sun 19 Dec, 2004  Reply with quote

i'm not really sure, I'm getting money, I'll probably get stuff corresponding to moving out... little trinkets, housing stuff, whatnot....

I'll be getting APCs amotion dvd which I hear sucks, but eh, might as well get it, I own their other things.

I will be getting something..... "expensive" ... and to be "shared" with my Uncle.... I'm ... not sure what it is...

I was at Best Buy, and looking at CDs while they bought me something, and I saw them go by, but didn't see what it was they got me.... my mom asked "Did you see us?" so I of course said "yes" ... hoping that she would admit to what she got me, and i was just in a toying kind of mood.

well.... then... she said something about sending in a rebate, and my brother, who wants to keep whatever this is a surprise, says "Only expensive things have rebates mom! you shouldn't have said that."

then I implied that since I "knew" I didn't have to wait for it, without ever directly lying or implying I knew, and she said "well maybe it's for your uncle"

and then that it's for us to share.

wtf kind of expensive electronic thing can two people share? Walkie talkies? it's not walkie talkies.....

can't be a video game system..... or can it? it's gotta be something relating to putting in a new house, because both of us are moving into new places..... and it's more than likely something entertaining.... so I don't know what she means by sharing, because ... if it were an appliance, since he lives in another state, I don't know how we'd share it.


it could be that the thing includes two of whatever it is, somehow.

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Oh my... I fly!
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PostPosted: Sun 19 Dec, 2004  Reply with quote

I probably will get digital camera Pentax OptioX (I told my parents to tell Santa witch one I want... Cute. Awww...)

And also as my birthday is few days after Christmas I'll count guitar too.

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PostPosted: Tue 29 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote


New year, new wishes. X3

Jeez...how long have I been a member of ld4all? xD

This year...I just want to go home. That's all...I want a place of my own, back home.

But it's not going to happen.

I'm not getting anything this year, because I'm all...old...and I got a laptop anyway, half way through the year. X3

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Suddenly Around!
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PostPosted: Tue 29 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

Pool table 8D

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Chooser of the Slain
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PostPosted: Tue 29 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

PSP noting more (not on my birthday aither poor me)

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PostPosted: Tue 29 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

Nintendo DS games:
1. Ace Attorney
2. Trauma Center

HP: Half Blood Prince

To Thine Own Self Be True Bracelet from: http://shop.thehungersite.com

Money, gift certificates, and some other stuff I haven't thought of yet.

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Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Wed 30 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

A banjo and Battlefront 2.

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Pasta Salami!
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PostPosted: Wed 30 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

A hole in the wallet and a lot of stress!

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PostPosted: Wed 30 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

Blackadder DVD set!

possibly some upgrades for my computer as well

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One Armed Scissor
Bruno's Fan Club
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PostPosted: Wed 30 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

pasQuale wrote:
TheBranMuffin: how about a t-shirt with "born to be lucid" on it ? smile smile

How about:
www.ld4all.com - You had me at www.


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Dreamer of Peace...
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PostPosted: Wed 30 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

Human Creature wrote:
A hole in the wallet and a lot of stress!

lach2 I have more than enough of whatever else you might want from that list.

I'm expecting finally some peace, real peace. Not just with the world but for me.

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Infinite Impatience
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PostPosted: Thu 01 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

I have no idea at all what I am getting for christmas, and I like it that way. It is always funny to see what kind of things people think will fit me. siiw

Current LD goal(s): To bring back art or a song

Link to My DJ: ld4all.com
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cookie lover
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PostPosted: Thu 01 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

I'm not real particular anything that sparkles will do me just fine.

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