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third eye meditation / strange feeling

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If you want help check out the meditationcenter online, it answers questions like you have. And if your at home and you feel like your going somewhere else or driving and whatever when your not going anywhere I think it's normal and it all depends on the person becuase everyone's meditation results are differant. smile I don't know what you mean by is it normal but I've had a feeling I was at the beach once and when I looked around I had really seen myself at the beach and I was just sitting there. The music triggerd me to the beach in my meditation. I don't recall not hearing any music but I didn't hear the waves that were infront of me. smile If your feeling pressure in the middle of your head, you maybe trying too hard, but I can't really say for sure.

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Anyone interested in discussing this? I know this is a bit old, but I have a few interesting observations that are bound to tingle those eyebrows.

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omg im not totally insane im glad i found this forum!!

I get the same feeling from what i believe is emitted from my third eye, and i started out like others said using a pen or a finger to activate it(usually something along the lines of a pen because metal seemed to do the trick) and I wondered if it was just some sort of magnetism trick.

I discovered over time that I could center my focus around it and could turn it on all on my own without the use of objects, and through nothing but practice- didnt do anything different- just kept at it.

Well the sensitivity grew over time and after a few experiments with friends I've come to the point that I can use it rigourously not only to feel physical objects around me but also the spiritual world of aura and chakra and manipulate it the the point large ripples accured.

My range grew as well, we would do a thing where I would close my eyes and I would be capable of sensing moving objects in front of me without seeing them (we are up to abt 25 feet right now) and I thought this was all really cool- - until i noticed that not only could I manipulate and cause ripples in the aura of other people, I was draining it as well =/

so with that in mind all I can say is to watch out with how careful you are when you grow this ability, because you might reach the point that without proper meditation, your aura and chakra alone isnt powerful enough to feed what you're trying to do and u'll end up becoming a psychic vampire- whats sad is im one of the few who recognise what im doing but i still cant stop draining from people so long as i continue larger scale experiments with my third eye.

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PostPosted: Wed 04 Jul, 2012  Reply with quote

I have had this since I was a kid( now 52). I posted this at another site a few years ago. Close my eyes in a pitch black room and move my finger or any object up and down between my eyes ( finger/ object about an inch away). It feels like when you move two magnets( the same poles) together and they repel each other. It is a very distinct feeling and one I have not experienced any where else on my body. Don't know what it is. I am not into "mumbo jumbo" stuff. I only believe in what I personally have experienced. I have had many premonitions at younger ages and consider myself an evil/ good person( like most on this earth).

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PostPosted: Mon 10 Dec, 2012  Reply with quote

I am only 13 though have experienced this feeling many many times. Sometimes it just happens and other times I concentrate on my lower forehead and I make it happen. I have no need to put an object in front of it or anything of the sort I just concentrate. I had no idea there were other people who could do this sort of thing or something like it.

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PostPosted: Sun 30 Dec, 2012  Reply with quote

I'm glad I found this thread. I've had that same tingling feeling on my forehead, right between my eyes, about 1cm above my eyeline. I remember having the feeling more often when I was a kid and usually it was triggered by a sound, some piece of music or someone talking with a very pleasing voice. The feeling is something really interesting, it's like a warm sensation in my head, a slight pressure on my forehead and it gives me an extremely good feeling. I always kinda space out and just enjoy the feeling as long as it lasts which can be from 10 seconds to a couple of minutes. I haven't experienced it for years now but suddenly it happened again a couple of weeks ago when I was listening to a woman with a charismatic and pleasing voice. I've never met anyone who knows anything about this and I'm interested in understanding it better. It seems pretty random when it happens, for example the same piece of music that triggered it will most likely not work another time. Has anyone researched this more, for example, how to trigger it by will? Or is there any solid theories that can explain this phenomenon?

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