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Abstract dreams

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Abstract dreams
PostPosted: Wed 01 Mar, 2006  Reply with quote

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My dreams tend to be extremelly abstract, sometimes I can remember then without much trouble, but I can't understand then. Like, just the other day, when I first tried to have a LD, I dreamt about trying to have an LD, but I wasnt even a person, but a whole bunch of squares, each one with legs made of little squares, and I felt like I was trying to tell some girl something about me and LD, but it just remained as a sensation. Recalling feelings and impressions from a dream is the best thing I can do, will this cause me trouble in my attempts to get LD's ?

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PostPosted: Thu 02 Mar, 2006  Reply with quote

Your really close to having an LD just keep trying. It's sorta like pre lucid dreaming and false awakenings (FA) That's the only way I know how to describe it.

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PostPosted: Fri 03 Mar, 2006  Reply with quote

Hi Vicaris,

If your dreams are abstract, you'll probably have abstract lucid dreams. It's posible to have LD's from abstract things, I just had one tonight when I was attacked by a lovecraftian abstract thing made of physical sensations and strange visual waves! lachtraan

There are another possibilities. I have the feeling that our dreams become less abstract when we write them down. And when you become lucid you always can change an abstract dream into a more realistic one.

I splitted your topic cause it was not related with dream recall problems.

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