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Favorite dream

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Favorite dream
PostPosted: Mon 07 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

i'm happy with all of my dreams but there is one that is most important to me. i want to hear yours too.

my dream

it happened so quickly.

iam before a pair of tall, arched golden gates, waiting. there are people all around waiting with me. an old man with a grey mustache and train rushes past. suddenly the gates open, there is alot of commotion among the crowd as everyone begins to move towards the gates. we rush through, i find myself walking with my girlfriend through a garden. tall green trees line the gold brick pathway and beyond them are plains and forest off into infinity. the leaves and grass blades are green but they glow with a dazzling golden light that i can only explain as a personified vision of life or bliss or something. bliss is what i felt as i looked up into the clouds which looked as if they were close enough to touch, bright fluffy billowing things. i exclaim "this is heaven" and begin to cry.

i wake up and have one of the best days of my life.

a friend and i had a conversation about how the dreams we have the night before affect our mood the next day. a dream can cause sadness for your daily life. i know i have experienced this. a dream revealed my true emotions on a subject i would rather have forgotten. but it is very important for growth, to know one's true feelings.

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cookie lover
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Tue 08 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

That dream sounds wonderful. It reminds me of a dream i had. Strangely i walked through gates into it too. that's not what reminded me of it at first. A vioce told me to go through them. into my true home. And I remember feeling this wonderful feeling of homecoming as i walked down a street downhill. I come the apartment where i live or rather something similar to it.. In the kitchen I see my father. Then later both my parents in the living room. sitting lovingly together. I look out the window and see the view as something heavenly. A tree Takes on tremendous beauty andi feel like I'm in heaven. (this is what your dream reminded me of.) Though I'm not religious. I feel extremely happy. Also I see my father in two places in the house when I look those ways. I know it to be winter IRL but i walk towards the door and wish it to be summer and it is. A beatiful, sunny day in the neighborhood I know so well. It hadn't looked this beautiful before, maybe when I was a kid. Everthing seemed more alive now. I walk around a bit, played with a neighborhood kid a bit. Then just to test it I pushed him so that he fell.
It was one of my first WILDs. Extremely vivid.

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Dream Deity
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Tue 08 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

I might not be thinking straight right now, but I think I just had my best dream last night/ this morning. It started out as an average dream, but then it changed slightly into another dream (I think I was in the same place and it was the same time, but the situation and people in it changed enough for me to count it as a seperate dream). It did not last long, but I felt extremely happy while it lasted. It was a ND but I felt like I was close to becoming lucid. If only it would come true...

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Que Sera, Sera =D
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PostPosted: Wed 16 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

I have a lot, but my all time favorites were:

Pyramid of Power (So old i can't remember, but i remember it seemed longer than 2 years, and it was so cool )
Metamorphisis Lake (I became lucid for all of 10 seconds, just enough to change the dream to make things interesting)
The Pela one (omg freaky and disturbing, lol!)
and The alien invasion (amazing, but i woke up, it was a cliffhanger, i hope there's a 2nd one smile)

I'll post Most of these in my DJ later wink5 I'll post the link when i do!

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Carpe Noctem
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PostPosted: Wed 16 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

Mine was a dream where I was in the Tour de France. There was no way to win, but I could still maintain some glory by winning the last stage (At that point, all of the standings were determined so the others didn't try as hard). I was successful in winning the last stage, but woke up before I could see where I placed in the overall standings.

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