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Indigo Children

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Semper vigilans
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PostPosted: Mon 07 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

There was a TV programme on English TV tonight about Indigo Children. It was interesting. The 'Indigo Child's' mother seemed to think her daughter was one, but she just seemed like a normal girl. The strange boy's mother was down to earth and didn't know what to believe, although she seemed to think it's a load of rubbish and that her son merely has ADHD or maybe ESP. The boy was definitely straight out of The Sixth Sense but I think the girl's mother (a self-proclaimed medium) just wished her daughter was a so-called Indigo Child.

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PostPosted: Wed 09 Aug, 2006  Reply with quote

I'm not quite sure I believe "Indigo Children"... I would call them "Enlightened Beings"... just ordinary people like you and me who have at some stage had some life altering experience or gained some wisdom that has given them a different perspective on life and possibly lead them to ESP abilities.

That Aura Test... I gave that a shot, didn't see any rainbow color in it? or are you a rainbow when you average out on all of the colours?

As for 2012, I strongly believe that something may happen around end of december of that year. I've heard a lot of scientists and mayan elders talk about this year and how evolution is speeding up. I once watched a 6hour lecture by Ian Lungold on the Mayan Calender which was very interesting.
There is no denying that we will pass through a photon belt at the end of 2012 (a bunch of light energy particles - now who knows what effect this might have on us). That alone is enough reason for me to believe something will happen. Hopefully I'll still be alive by that time to experience it.
Scientists and Mayan Elders both believe that when evolution has evolved to its final destination we will be co-creators of the universe i.e. have the power of manifestation. Others speculate things such as telepathy, telekinesis, healing, etc, etc, by end of 2012. Then there are the people who think 2012 will be the end of the world/universe. Heck they could be right with people walking around with superhuman powers - who knows what might happen... maybe nothing at all eh

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PostPosted: Sat 02 Sep, 2006  Reply with quote

Fo some odd reason I want to round house kick Indigo Children in the face ^^ .

Naaah, it's not that bad. I just don't like that we're putting "our entire future" in some "special people". It just makes me mad. Why are they special and we're not? I mean, now we're juding peopel not only by gender, age and skin color but also by aura color?
Bah. Either we're all special or I quit life... somehow.
Does this make me a bad person?

Anyways, I'm glad I'll still be relativly young by the time 2012 rolls around, just to see if it lives up to the hype.

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LD4all addict
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PostPosted: Sat 02 Sep, 2006  Reply with quote

I dont believe in it. Its just a reason to spoil some kids, by saying there special. I use to, but i think as I get older Im loosing those New age beliefs more.

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Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Tue 05 Sep, 2006  Reply with quote

Yeah I heard about the indigo prophecy game ! Look like a great and very unique game...

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PostPosted: Thu 07 Sep, 2006  Reply with quote


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