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Ever read your older posts?

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Sun 15 Jan, 2006  Reply with quote

After a request....or should I say I was black mailed ?.... ^_^ I m here to post my old me smile.
I had no intros or so grin ...

So check how passionate was poseidon :

Fri Aug 01, 2003
poseidon wrote:
Well thats 1000$ question!
Why are the adults so blind?

I m afraid the answer is quite simple:
Its not about situations that made the so tired of theyr life
its all about theyr minds
Adults cant be less that logic.Logic makes them blind.Thats how they will always be.Tell me a name of a 90 years old human that believes in aliens .............(Is there except Agencies employes ?)
Im sorry i cant handle english language well but thats what happens when you live in other country.
Today i ll try LD! I was used 2 when i was smaller.Now i m 16 i ll find my way home wink5 wish me luck.

Once a friend said Open Minds Are Better Minds.......

Dream Well !!

Trully yours John.ZZZZZZzzzZZ eek2

My english still suck ^^,that never changed...

Aug 13, 2003 12:31
poseidon wrote:
Well i had my first LD today.
But i also had kind of a FLD before.
I was talking with some people (2).[Cant remember what about]
I felt sleepy, after that i remember closing my eyes and i tryed to control my dreams[in fact it wasnt a dream, it was all black and i was alone there]
so i did what everybody would in first ld(wich i though i had)i flied in the 'black''. Well i think i understood something was wrong, this couldnt have been a dream. Thats how i understood i was sleeping.(in reallity)
After that i found my self(in another dream) in wich i got control later.
[ Did my first flying practise ]. shy2

Ok and now ladies and gents ... I present you ...I m so Good DR bad FR(need help)exited....my first topic YAY!!!YAY!!!...so proud~!

Good DR bad FR(need help)

poseidon wrote:
Well i m not very experienced with ld but i got good usual dream recalls.
The only problem i got is i cant remember excacly faces of people i see.
Could somebody help me ?

smile The greatest part is old dreams, just coOOoLzzss.


At this point I want to apologise adults for being so bad with them cry .... I know ....I m so sorry ....

MWAhahahahahaAHAHAHAHA grin2 :puh:

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Sock Puppet
Con Artist
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Sun 15 Jan, 2006  Reply with quote

Before, I wasn't sure about everything. "What if this happens? I'm not sure of this happened." I also posted less. But look at me now. ^^

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Pshy psh psh...
just the colored stars
Wolf has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Fri 20 Jan, 2006  Reply with quote

To stop the post from stretching out, I've made the quote a bit smaller. This was my second post. (first was short and uninteresting, this shows the old me more)

Wolf from the past wrote:
Wow, I got welcomed by the Mayor of WolfGame and PasQuale herself! OK, I'll be sure to try out your suggestions. Thanks a lot!

As for LDing, I did it a couple of times before. I had no idea about all of this stuff though. This is kinda weird, but almost every week I get nightmares about something trying to scare, hurt, chase, or kill me. It used to be every couple of days when I was little. I knew I was dreaming when I was in them, but it still scared me.

Since that freaked me out, I came up with my own plan of action. Every time it came to a point where something was after me, I tried to curl up in a little ball and go to sleep. (in the dream) If sleeping in the real world gets you to dreamland, couldn't the same be true visa versa? It seemed to work for me.

I had a lot of bad dreams when I was little where I was semi-lucid. I could tell it was a dream, but I couldn't do anything about it. This one time I was in an amusement park with these people who were supposed to be my friends. (even though I had never seen them in real life before) They kept forcing me to go on all these scary rides. Whenever I tried to get away, they kept grabbing me. I was a little kid when I had this, so my "friends" were a lot bigger than me. I kept telling them that this was a dream, and they shouldn't be able to boss me around, but they didn't listen. I then had to go on this HUGE roller coaster. At the very top of the ride I screamed at the top of my lungs, "WAAAKE UUUUP!" For an instant I think my eyelids fluttered open a tiny bit, but then closed again. The dream sorta drifted off into blackness after that.

Weird, huh? That's not even the weirdest part. One of the gang stuck clearly in my mind: He was a tall round kid with baggy clothes. For about half the year I've been hanging out with a kid from school that looks exactly like that. I never thought about it until posting it here. The dream was, after all, a couple of years ago.

I may be posting this stuff on the other boards too, just so you know. I just wanted to reply to you guys first. If you'd like you can mail me at Wolfinator@verizon.net. Thanks again!

Ugh, I sounded so odd... (still do, but I trust everyone now and can be myself more ^^) Look at the progress I've made! *pats self on back* Funny to see how much you change, isn't it? Another thing I noticed is how paranoid I was back when I started my first DJ. If I ever said something offensive, I would write long explanations saying that I was sorry and didn't really mean that.

Fun stuff, eh? grin

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Lord of Dreams
LD4all addict
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PostPosted: Fri 20 Jan, 2006  Reply with quote

You sound much more 'comfortable' now ^^

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a smiling haze
Chat Mods
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PostPosted: Wed 31 Jan, 2007  Reply with quote

Over a year ago, I wrote:
Hey, dreamers!

My name is Bruno Ansarah, and I live in Brazil. In one week, I'll be 17 years old.

It's summer down here in the Southern Hemisphere, and the landscape looks just beautiful through my bedroom's window (a large door-like window). It's been raining a LOT lately here in São Paulo, and today the whole city looked amazing at the sunset, covered by clouds all around.

Seeing this magnificent view through my window, I got to remember some of my dream landscapes, and of course, the dreams themselves. And then, feeling a bit nostalgic, I decided to join this forum, as LD4All had helped me a lot when I was fifteen and started having nightmares on a daily basis, some of which developed into insomnia. I had experienced lucidity in one or two of these nighmares, and started looking for ways to trigger lucidity again, which I came to found in this site.

It didn't just work things out, not rightaway, but I started making RCs everywhere and got to become lucid more and more often, until one day I stoped having nightmares. A couple of weeks later though, I stopped remembering my dreams.

The rest of my fifteenth and my sixteenth years were quite busy, and I couldn't focus on remembering/recording my dreams and experiencing lucidity.

Now, though, my life is way calmer, and I found time to paint, cook, write, blog, sport and—why not?—give lucid dreams a try. So here am I, wish me luck! wink5

I wasn't telling all the truth. I had a Death dream the day I joined LD4all again, that's what made me look for the site after over two years...

Hey, guys!

I'm still not lucid in my dreams (and to be honest with you, I started remembering them on an almost daily basis a month or so ago) but I think this was worth sharing.

I'm a synaesthete, and in my dreams, I reach even higher levels of synaesthesia.

But first I have to explain how it feels like in waking life. Synaesthesia is not about feeling more than other people. When I see my best friend, Nana, I don't see her green, or visualize green while seeing her, I just know she's somehow green. When it comes to looking at myself in the mirror, that colour thing gets even funnier as I know myself in a grayscale tone of yellow. I have my skin colour, I see it as you see it, but I look at me and I know myself not only yellow, but greyscale yellow. Go figure.

Also, reading a book's chapter some days ago, I knew it smell just like whisky, even though I didn't feel or remind the smell of whisky.

I don't think know is the most appropriate verb to describe the feel, but I think it helps you get what synaesthesia is not.

So, on to the dream part: when I'm dreaming, I don't just knoe, I feel. I look at my dreamsky and I feel something silken touching me. I look at Nana and she's not green, but there IS green, not only knowingness of green, but the colour, manifesting aitself all around.

So I would like to ask how does this synaesthesia thing work with you guys (even if you're not waking life synesthetes).

Heh back them I did strive to make it clear in my dreams about Shin and my synæthesia. After a while I dropped it and started just narrating the cold facts, but I remember trying to make as many remarks as possible about the sky being silk or velvet and some people being allegretos while others felt more like grey tangos etc. Above all, I did record my back of mind thoughts in the dreams, that was very rich. After a while I got full of explaining my mind is weird, and started just behaving like the ordinary person... I should try to disclose those sensations more often again, especially in my dream journal. d=

My third post was in a topic regarding drugs. The post motivated a user to leave the forum. After a few months of inactivity, it was unfortunately deleted. Some of what I said there— I'm really proud of what I wrote in those posts, and I'm proud of the other users. It was a friendly discussion, very rich and reasonable, very civilized. I remember two members volunteered to stop doing drugs for a while and see how it affected their dreams. Real shame the topic is now gone.

Anyways. Those were my three first posts. Cheers. Did I change a lot?

<edit>(Heh feels funny to use my mod edit colours... tounge2)

Here's my avatars, I think they kind of tell a story too. My first ever avatar was a dragon tattoo thing:

Which, after a few weeks, Filip kindly turned into a nicer, fancy animated version:

Back then, my username in SeaLife was Shin because I didn't want people from LD4all to know straightaway it was the LD4all Bruno. So my first SeaLife avatar (whose image I lost) was a big ش (shin, 13th letter of the Arabic alphabet, initial of the Arabic words for "poet" and "demon").

Later, I asked for T to transform my wallpaper into an avatar and he made this:

Accordingly, I changed my SeaLife avatar to that same Moon. After a while, some people were a bit annoyed because this avatar was slightly smaller than 80px, and looked weird under the rank image (the stars above one's avatar), so both Fey and Q made fancy 80 px sized avatars for me. I started using Q's version, saving Fey's for an especial occasion which never came:

By that time, I changed my SeaLife avatar into a nicer looking shin:

When Moogle gently offered her help to change my SeaLife nick (the option is disabled by default) to Bruno, I changed my avatars again, into pictures of a writer I very much like, called Jack Kerouac:

Finally, when I dropped moderation and the Cloud was merged into the Lounge, I felt I needed to change things again. I wanted something black and blue to match my yellow stars in the rank (the black and white photo used to look cool with the colourful stars, but got rather dull against yellow). I found a brilliant pic of a bottled and a cloud, which was most appropriate, considering Q had given me a bottled piece of the Philosopher's Cloud in the topic in the mod forum where we were discussing its deletion.

I also made this one a version for MSN messenger and my secret online journal:

Those things really tell a story, don't they? Perhaps I could post my sig history too. I made post in "Why your sig?" for every signature change except for two (including the latest), explaining the motivation and the sentiment that led me to change it. Anyways. There you go. Forum history. oh maan</edit>

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One Strange Dreamer
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Wed 31 Jan, 2007  Reply with quote

Wow...I found my first post. Nearly 2 years ago, it doesn't feel that long ago.

Hello everyone! I'm Daniel F. I'm 15 and I'm inlove with dreams. They facsinate me, and baffle me. Someone told me about it, and I was severely interested. The date is 2.11.05. I've lucid dreamed before, ON ACCIDENT! So I'm trying to do it on purpose, with everyone's help, I might can do it! I pray I can!

The thing I want to Lucid dream about is Flying, and RUNNING like 500 miles per hour!

I hope to know everyone here, and lucid dream every night!

God did I use the, "!" way too much... Ugh...grammer....

Current LD goal(s): I want to get better DR and have LDs again..it's been so long!
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Dreamer of Peace...
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Wed 31 Jan, 2007  Reply with quote

I can't find the energy or guts to find my first post. But I must admit that I have gone to old posts of mine and read them. Sometimes I'd laugh and other times I wonder "wheretf did that come from"?

I'd definitely say I've changed since my first posting. Props for posting such a fun topic.

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Dreamer of Peace...
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Wed 31 Jan, 2007  Reply with quote

Thanks to a good little doobie, I saw my first post.

Boy, I have changed and the post was made almost 2 and a half years ago...

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a.k.a. Sean
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Thu 01 Feb, 2007  Reply with quote

I wrote:
Hello, all.

I suppose this is the best place to start off posting, though I usually don't post much on any forums I go to.

By the way, if you type in MatrixManNe0 on a search browser, all of what shows up in the results is referring to me. I just thought that was exciting to know in case you wanted to know more about me 'cause you're a crazy stalker person. tounge2

I wrote:
Laidas, last night I successfully performed a RC in a ND (hands check) and counted 6 fingers on each, and realized that I was dreaming. Of course, right after, something happened which caused me to forget.

The entire day I made it a habit to RC randomly about 10 times per hour (don't know how normal that is/isn't, but I kinda want to experience LD again after not having done it for a year). Also, I unsuccessfully tried a WILD that night, but I don't think that explains it. My dreams were very fuzzy and I couldn't remember the first one(s).

EDIT: Do you think it's better, if you have a string of RC's, to do them all at once, or to do them at different times? To do the same order each time you RC, or to mix it up?

I think I've stayed the same, but become more active in other topics *coughTestingForumcough*. Except my DJ entries. I shudder at the sight of my old ones...

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LD4all addict
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PostPosted: Sat 03 Feb, 2007  Reply with quote

These past 516/7 weeks have been quite the ride for me, and I'm sure plenty of people who have been around during that time know how much I've changed. ^^ First of all, I started out as BlissfulBlues—(Or BlissfullBlues for that matter, as I was careless enough not to check the spelling of "blissful" as I created the name).

Oh right! I became a notorious spammer coupled with the one and only Huey, and I've learned my lesson like a good little troublemaker. yes

Before then, I had at least one well-mannered post, and that turned out to be my first post here! Lucky me.

I wrote:
Personally, I'm glad to say that I've had my first lucid dream experience [that I can rememer] last night, too. For a brief moment, I had experienced low-level lucidity. I was outside somewhere down my street when I started flying just for a little while, and when I landed, I thought to myself, "I was just flying, so this must be a dream." The first thing that I thought of to do in my dream was to transform myself into a bird, but all I remember was looking down at my foot to see that it was, in fact, changing to look like a bird's foot. It looked really flat and squashed, so it didn't seem to be working so well. Instead, I decided to transform myself into a very attractive woman (I already look good, but I guess I just wanted to get the attention of some men I saw down the street). I couldn't see what I looked like, but I had a mental image in my head, and I think it was working because I did get their attention. This is all I can really recall about the lucid part of my dream until I soon forgot and just kept going with the flow of the dream.
I'm pretty sure I was lucid at the moment, so I'm not really asking so much as I am just sharing my experience. It was still very interesting, though, and I cant wait until that happens to me again!

It was somewhere around here that things started to go downhill. tounge1 However, at least moogle promised to protect me from Wolf, Huey, and Bruno. scared Afterwards I had my share of immature posts, but then again at the same time I was well behaved in my first DJ. grin Maybe both personalities helped to balance each other out, at least I hope so. uhh

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a smiling haze
Chat Mods
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PostPosted: Mon 23 Jul, 2007  Reply with quote

http://www.ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=210660#21 0660

AWWW! droom

Look at 16–year–old Bruno saying "(remember I'm 16 and hadn't been in love many times)."


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The HB
LD4all addict
LD4all addict
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PostPosted: Mon 23 Jul, 2007  Reply with quote

My first ever post...

me wrote:
Hi everybody, i'm new, in fact, i just joined about 5 minutes ago. I decided to join after a mod mentioned this place on a different website forum. I am using the same username as i did on there. MOOP!

My second ever post.

="me"]If somebody could answer this, then i will finally be happy. I asked this, because one night, i actually dreameed a totally pointless dream. I dreamt that i woke up, saw there was nothing to do, so i went back to sleep. Why did i show absolutely no imagination in this one, yet so much in others?

Third ever post.

me wrote:
Have you ever tried sleeping with your eyes open? Works for me.

Have I changed since then?

Link to My DJ: ld4all.com
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Morpheus :nuu:
this is custom title.
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Mon 23 Jul, 2007  Reply with quote

I don't have any old posts confused . I'm still kinda new grin . But, this is my first one...

The Ninja Spud [T.N.S.] wrote:
I think I almost have the dream recall part down. But, my dreams go by so fast. I don't know if i'm just not remembering most of it or what. And most the dreams I remember are nightmares.

Can sombody help me?

It ended up my dream recall sucked . lol. smile

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Win Laik Pya
Literally Hawkgirl.
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PostPosted: Mon 23 Jul, 2007  Reply with quote

i was reading my first dream diary post

It's funny what 6 months can do to a person, eh?

Ahhh 3 posts for one dream tounge2 And i remember i didn't understand what moogle meant by editing posts lach1

and it seemed i was highly enthusiastic or hyper when i wrote that one.

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Can't Stop Rollin'
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Fri 03 Aug, 2007  Reply with quote

I used to be such a dumb stoner, and it was highly reflective in my posts. I joined around 3 and a half years ago, and have been active here on and off for a while. But i think ive changed a lot.
When coming back the last time, i almost created a new account, because im slightly embarrased by how i used to talk/act around here.

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