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Even Seniors of LD4all need answers!

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One Strange Dreamer
Dream Deity
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Even Seniors of LD4all need answers!
PostPosted: Thu 05 Apr, 2007  Reply with quote

Well I've been stopping my dream journal. Only because, when I wake up I hate writing. I even hate typing, although that helped. I use to wake up and remember a dream and then write it down, and I hated it, plus it took way to long. Then I started typing out my dreams on my computer DJ, and then I realized I didnít like that either, because it took to long and as I typed I forgot.

So now I have my last alternativeÖrecording my dreams. To make an oral DJ, and now my questions.

-Do you advise this? Or do you think itís a good idea?
-Have you done this and do you recommend it?
-Does it keep your dream recall up worse, as good, or better than a written DJ?
-And finally do you know of any information on this?

You donít have to answer all my questions, I just want to know to benefit myself. You see I havenít had an LD in months, and Iím ready for one! My DJ really helped.

Current LD goal(s): I want to get better DR and have LDs again..it's been so long!
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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Fri 06 Apr, 2007  Reply with quote

I never done that before. It seems very different though, like when you're bored it would be harder to go through and look at your dreams. And, wouldn't it take up more space - with all the tapes (or whatever you're going to use)?

Have you tried just writing keywords down when you first wake up? My DR has fallen down the drain (as I've stopped keeping a DJ), however this used to work really well for me. You basically note down a few keywords that will remind you of a large part of the dream and little things that you think you will forget if you don't write them down. I used to do this and then go back to sleep - then write more notes on more dreams when I wake up again. Then later on, I would add them to my DJ in lots of detail. You've probably already tried it, but it's only a suggestion.

Best of luck with your new idea though. tumbsuplinkswitteduim

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cookie lover
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Fri 06 Apr, 2007  Reply with quote

You could record on audio what you would have written down as notes. Then write out the full story later. It won't take any extra space since you just record over tha last entry. That is if you are using tape. You might have some mp3 player you can record on or a minidisc type apparatus. You could store it on the computer if you record the entire dream in audio format. I'd rather read a dream then listen to my own mumbling wich I might not even hear.

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Fri 06 Apr, 2007  Reply with quote

I find that I am writing my dreams down later and later. Today I wrote last night's dream down, and I will be going to bed for tonight in just a few hours @_@

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Dream Deity
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Sat 07 Apr, 2007  Reply with quote

Go for it, man. You're still going through the dreams in your head, right? So it'll work exactly the same. The writing down and speaking - they are only initiatives to get you thinking about your dream and to jog your memory, hence get better recall.

So go for it. I know what you mean about writing them down... it just gets tiresome.

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J. D. Dyer
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PostPosted: Sat 07 Apr, 2007  Reply with quote

god i stopped writing my dreams down immediately after waking after the first time lol
i can't be wakin' up in my own house when i'm supposed to be asleep and record a dream
jesus... lol

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Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Sat 07 Apr, 2007  Reply with quote

I don't like writing down dreams in the middle of the night either.

Last fall I switched to using a digital recorder to orally record dreams when I wake up. However later on I still type of my dreams.

When I switched my dream recall wasn't as good initially. But now its back to about the same as when I just wrote my dreams.

I think its important to review your dreams when you are fully awake to look for dream signs and for interpretations.

Current LD goal(s): ability to WILD
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