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Can't remember what I want to do in a LD...

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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Can't remember what I want to do in a LD...
PostPosted: Wed 16 May, 2007  Reply with quote

Getting lucid is no problem for me. The problem is, once I'm in there, I immediately go do something stupid, like:

-going with the flow
-crashing an airplane into my subconscious
-changing the color of a bus
-punching out Hitler (actually not a bad idea smile )

when what I want to do is this:

-increase lucidity
-explore the dreamscape
-blow stuff up

I almost never seem to be in total control of my actions in the dream.

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cookie lover
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Wed 16 May, 2007  Reply with quote

You could use a plan of action! Decide in advance to do something immediately when you become lucid. Something simple like stand on one leg or rubbing your hands together. Then visualise doing this. And visualise taking control. It's good to choose somethign to do that you can do in any situation ofcourse since you don't know in advance when you will become lucid. If you manage to remember just this one action you will remember why you do it and so you can remember to not be overimpulsive.

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Talon Arana
Dream Deity
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Wed 16 May, 2007  Reply with quote

For me-- I've been using my CALD technique, and my character who accompanies me just reminds me what I want to do--
I can admit that I have remembered what I wanted, but still did stupid things cause I'd rather do it at the time, though-- XD
Anyways-- Besides CALD, I remember to stay very focussed that I want that whenever I do a RC, listing down things I'd like to do.

I hope I've helped!

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