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Lucid Dream Powers you have achieved - Part II

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Chocolate Face
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PostPosted: Thu 21 Jun, 2007  Reply with quote

Omnipotence ebil

Not as fun as making ladies melt into a puddle of white or mocha chocolate when I flash them a smile and thumbs up thumbs Or having things spontaneously explode when I throw them down on the ground ^^

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Win Laik Pya
Literally Hawkgirl.
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PostPosted: Thu 21 Jun, 2007  Reply with quote

actually i found an effective way for me to teleport

i simply close my "eyes" and concentrate on where i want to be and viola

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Run your Energy!
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PostPosted: Sun 08 Jul, 2007  Reply with quote


lol, that's the guy version...

i'd like to call them ecstatic phenomena,blah blah here they are:

phase through solid matter, live in lava, intergalactic wormhole travel, spaceship travel where i am the spaceship with a vacuum safe exoskeleton, telekinesis (my personal favorite), teleportation to other places or somewhere inside my body, sending, seeing energy bodies, raising the dead, healing cancer, going invisible, shapeshifting, possessing someone or seeing through their eyes, psychokinetic manifestations (i needed a new pair of shoes quick), but the best power that actually helped me in RL is slowing time down to get more rest!


-all play and no work makes life really fun

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Telekinesis Dreamer
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PostPosted: Sun 08 Jul, 2007  Reply with quote

hmm..my powers in an LD are..

-teleport (by chanting)
-casting magic(ex.fire,teleport enemy,transformation)
-levitation(somewhat flying)
-infanite energy
-creating new thing(ex.people,allies,monsters,enviornments
-summoning(goes with magic)
-seeing the weak point of an enemy
-fast running

thats all the powers i have from remembering.i cant get the hang of going through stuff

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Basilus West
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PostPosted: Mon 09 Jul, 2007  Reply with quote

1) Flying (once up to the stratosphere) or doing loopings and aerial figures
2) Going through walls or mirrors
3) Using kung-fu master skills to fight
4) Climbing walls like Spiderman
5) Breathing under water
6) Speaking with animals
7) Being invisible
8 ) Teleporting
9) Controling DC's
10) Making DC's fly
11) Morphing DC's (once into an object)
12) Creating magical lights just by snaping fingers
13) Throwing fireballs or electrical flashes with my hands or pointing a laser beam with my finger
14) Morphing into birds or monsters
15) Making objects appear or disappear (up to buildings)
16) Being invulnerable (nothing could harm me or hurt me)
17) Having telekinetic powers (up to throw many cars in the same time)

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Tue 17 Jul, 2007  Reply with quote

So far... Only flying, making objects appear out of thin air, and making the DCs that I want appear, I think.

I need more LDs to practice with. :D

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Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Sat 28 Jul, 2007  Reply with quote

I have 3 new powers, all I have to say is two of these are really weird..

1. Time rewind/Slow motion--came in very handy when I turned a corner and was shot about ten times, I went back and vaporised him in slow mo.

2. Change into woman--Yes you read right, it was..odd to say the least. I wondered if I could do it and *poof*...I still wasn't very girly though(wearing some sort of cybernetic ninja getup) but it was interesting running around like that for most of the dream. I probably won't be trying it again anytime soon though.

3. Being born--Just plain weird..I don't know what I was thinking trying this but..you know one minute you're standing on a bastion at a fortress, then next minute you are born. Luckily I didn't have a visual, I was still at the castle, but I was squished into a ball and experienced a few moments of tremendous pressure(quite painful) before falling to the ground. I might also mention that I was still wearing armor, sword, chainmail and all, when this happened. I stood up wondering what had just happened and suddenly it happened again..I wouldn't recommend it.. anx

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Collective thinker
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PostPosted: Fri 21 Sep, 2007  Reply with quote

I possess the power of inferno. It has a cool effect. woo
My fingertips are burning with a pleasant blue flame, but when I use the power, it turns dark red and an aggressive sound is heard (similar to something drenched in gasoline that just ignited.)
I also have electricity, and a small electrical current arcs between my fingertips.
When I use it against people, the arcs get larger and a very fierce lightning sound is heard when I blast 2000 volts into the poor bastard that stands before me.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sat 29 Sep, 2007  Reply with quote

Hmmm, my lucid dreams usually go horribly wrong. Usually ending in false awakening (or a long series of them). Mostly because I'm not good at controlling when I get lucid, but ever since i was little I always get lucid in nightmares, I used to scream at the top of my lungs in dreams so my mother would wake me up in real life. Whoa, bit off topic now rolleyes anyway...
changing the scenery,
brining in a new DC (usually the one I want, but never one from scratch)

but all of these things are a bit unreliable for me, I want a hot person in my dream but it ends up being some, well, hideous, person. I want the scenery to change to one thing it goes dark and scary, flying usually goes well tho. ^^

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kTFox has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Tue 02 Oct, 2007  Reply with quote

My lucid dreams is just having sex, so my powers is taking over the girl and she actually enjoying it and not slapping me, punching, scratching, etc...

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PostPosted: Sat 26 Jan, 2008  Reply with quote

lets see...

.flying(ive been having trouble with that one though sadblauw )

.telapathy(moving objects with mind.had a funny experience with this one see
bottom of post.)

.controle of time(i think this was in a FLD though)

.oh yeah,and teleporting(see number 2 at bottom)

1)I once became lucid and used telepathy to hit someone over the head with a plastic crate lach1
2)i once tried to teleport to the crossroads when i was lucid but i appeared in my tv room instead sadblauw i ended up completing a quest a little bit after that though siiw

Current LD goal(s): Triggering lucidity often and being able to maintain it
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Do a Rawr-C!
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PostPosted: Sat 26 Jan, 2008  Reply with quote

Oh yeah, I need to post in this topic again. I recently learned how to change the view from 1st person to 3rd person by will and vice versa.
*Wyvern adds that to list

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Sun 27 Jan, 2008  Reply with quote

I have a bunch of abilities I've developed for dreaming, and have had a few that 'someone' has come up to me and taught me in the dreams, where I would then be able to use them again at some other point in time.
First was waking myself up, which was where I jumped from the dream back into consciousness. I used to use it when I had nightmares a lot as a child (therefore I believe it developed at about five), but don't need it any more.
Flying. After flapping my arms enough times in dreams, I found out it was easier to use mental power, but it is still draining. Also, jumping extremely high. (The fun thing with the 'flying' is the hovering part, where, at any point in time in any of my dreams, I can hover up to the ceiling. Helps to get over those pesky people in my way.)
These next few came in an order I am not sure of:
Transforming into a demonic self. While I admit that it has a tendency to terrify me while I dream, it also causes me to feel endowed with an unnatural power that I rather enjoy. It hardly ever happens as part of a story, which I enjoy partaking in, but is usually with me in front of a mirror, letting out an extreme amount of anger.
'Powers'. Like, a ball of orange flames appearing in my hand. Took me until recently (read: last five years) to get it to actually work. Other times there have been black balls of Lord-knows-what or blue of the same kind. I have a tendency to use them more for show than anything else.
Can go invisible at times, although I'm still working on it.
Breathing in water. I don't consider it much a 'power' but it is there, and it is different than reality.
And one of my favorites: telekinesis.
I can see things. Everything. Really close, if it's not really close, and in amazing detail...

I had gotten something recently, but, alas, I did not write it down and the last week of getting erratic sleep caused me to forget it. Unfortunate, that.

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Dream Achv.Project
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PostPosted: Sun 27 Jan, 2008  Reply with quote

1. Phasing-
2.Telekinesis-LD (biggest object was a palm tree)
6.Flight-LD (w/ unsuccesful landing)
7.Levitation-LD (while trying to fly)
8.Morphing-LD (a monster into a woman)
9. Height Manipulation
10. Unbreathing-LD
11.Wind control
12. Mind control?-LD

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Sun 27 Jan, 2008  Reply with quote

I've only had one LD but as far as dream "powers" i made a gun appear in my hand and made the simpsons come on the TV. lol

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