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new technique - dream objeckt

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Novice dreamer
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new technique - dream objeckt
PostPosted: Thu 02 Jul, 2009  Reply with quote

Hi, I am excited to try a new method I thought of - it's quite obvious in a way and probably not new info for most of you but maybe you have some input and ideas.

I always have problems remembering to do RC's during the day, and if I can't remember them when I am awake how can I remember them when I am dreaming? So I need something to remind me; A watch would be perfect if it could make a signal each hour, so when I hear it I do a RC.
It's also good for me because my hands are the most powerful tool for me to realize that I am dreaming. In almost all of my LD's it's not until I look at my hands I realize that I am really dreaming. So they are always part of my RC's.
But to make it more effective I should engrave on the glass of the watch, or open it and write; is this a dream?
And this clock will go with me to sleep, during my rem hours my stereo will start playing the sound that the clock makes.
Plus before going to bed (during this light kind of meditation before sleep) instead of telling myself the mantra, "this is just a dream" for example, I will think about my watch, really visualize it behind closed eyelids, and think of situations I use it.
So in a way, create this "dream object" which you fill your mind with, so you just have that object in mind when you dream.

This should be interesting to try, but there is one huge flaw...as I am very aware of what I wear and with what It's really really important that the clock looks good, and the only clocks I found this far does not meet that by far. I was thinking maybe I could use my mobile but I have yet to find that function....Or maybe I could have a watch in my pocket which would work almost as good. But it feels more a part of me when I wear it and I might forget it some days. And this method relies on repetition and consistancy....

Anyway, what do you think? smile

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PostPosted: Fri 03 Jul, 2009  Reply with quote

It sounds like a great idea! I've thought of wearing a watch as well but have not bought one. Let me know how it works for you. I think it would be better as a watch you can wear instead of putting it in your pocket.

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