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What interesting weapons do you use in LDs

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PostPosted: Sun 06 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

Yesterday, in my second LD, I fought three shadow people and used one of them as a bat to beat the other two.

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PostPosted: Tue 15 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

Archery set. Not really an interesting weapon, the way I use it, but I've trying to think of ways to jazz it up...
- Loose more than one arrow at once: if imbalanced, area that arrows hit should follow the pattern of an explosive. Or, install explosives in the arrowhead.
- Loose 2-4 arrows with a spidersilk net attached: they hit points around the target to trip or truss.
- Use bow to launch an arrow like a grappling hook. If no grapple-surface visible, program the arrow to explode into a big balloon at a certain altitude, and hang on to line while floating away.
- Attach boxing glove to the arrowhead. Just for funsies.
- When most else fails, use bow like a bludgeon.

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PostPosted: Tue 15 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

Ive always very much enjoyed having a cannon on my arm like samus in metroid prime

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PostPosted: Sun 27 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

I once used a crossbow in a LD, where the arrow went *through* the handle instead of on top of it. The first time, i missed the target horribly and almost hit an innocent DC in a crowd! In RPG dreams, i am usually using a bow and arrows or some kind of staff. I once dreamt that i found a legenrary samurai sword, but i returned that to its owner instead of using it myself. Generally, i escape from threatening situations in lucid dreams instead of fighting.

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Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Thu 01 Oct, 2009  Reply with quote

I hold it in a small hand sized part in the middle and on each side there are very long blades shaped like fancy yellow glowing clock hands and with it I can control time easier and light. (I don't know why.....)

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PostPosted: Thu 01 Oct, 2009  Reply with quote

I don't use very many weapons at all. I've used a saber and a sword before though.
Come to think of it... I don't even think I've ever fired a gun in a LD!

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