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Dream characters: Friends or Puppets?

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PostPosted: Tue 26 Jan, 2010  Reply with quote

Well, you can create a character and their personality and visit them in a dream, almost like what you do in a CALD, and be friends with that character... I don't see anything strange about that. I mean, you are friends when you like someone, so if you like DC's when they are a part of you, you like a part of you.. So why not be friends with DC's...
I don't know if I explained this well, but It's how I think of it smile
DC's can be friends

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PostPosted: Tue 26 Jan, 2010  Reply with quote

Hehe, yeah, I agree with that. I mean, you can have friendly relations with a part of yourself. What I was saying is that DC's aren't separate from the person dreaming them. So, in reality, they aren't real people or animals or anything. They aren't tangible.

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Great topic.

Friends can have varying degrees, right? I can be friends with a dog and friends with my neighbour, same label doesn't mean I treat them the same. Can you respect and enjoy the company of a DC? Sure, why not! Even if they are the same as yourself. Should you abandon real life friends for them? Of course not, that sure doesn't sound healthy.

I'm glad that my DCs seem to have minds of their own, it makes it a lot more fun. Sure, I can force them to do things like a puppet-master, but most of the time, they're more fun to leave alone.

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PostPosted: Wed 17 Feb, 2010  Reply with quote

The two LD's so far, the only one ive spoken to is myself.

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PostPosted: Wed 17 Feb, 2010  Reply with quote

I agree with the people who said that DCs are actually yourself. I think they could possibly represent the hundreds of different sides of you, as the manifestations of all the personalities you take upon interacting with different people in real life. After all, I highly doubt that the same DC would show up in the dreams of anyone other than yours. Everyone's DCs are unique and special to oneself. Although I don't doubt that if you really wanted to, you can summon someone else's DC in your dream. After all, when it comes to the mind, the possibilities are endless! :D

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