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Does attaining lucidity become easier with time?

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PostPosted: Wed 24 Feb, 2010  Reply with quote

Brilliant analogy.

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PostPosted: Sat 27 Feb, 2010  Reply with quote

Yes, yes and yes.

..But you'll have to do stuff like WILD, you can't just wait hoping for an LD, that could take some time :O!

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PostPosted: Sun 28 Feb, 2010  Reply with quote

Lord Antares wrote:
''lol, what? Of course I'll get a lucid dream''.

relV wrote:
as you'll play more and more, your body & mind will begin to understand what playing the guitar is [italics added by primatech ]

like these two quotes...not much to add

btw: just found the emoticon 'view more emoticons' section. holy crap! that's a lot of emoticons. but i didn't find one that emoted: agreement, so i passed. but jeez. plus i did a RC after i found that section just to be sure ^^

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