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Funny things that make you lucid

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New Lucid Dreamer
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PostPosted: Wed 21 Apr, 2010  Reply with quote

Mine tend to be really obvious, as finding myself waking up in a flying car, in the future.

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Queen SD
Still Dreaming
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PostPosted: Wed 21 Apr, 2010  Reply with quote

I dreamed that I caught shrimps from a river. Using only my hands. And then I would eat them raw, on the spot. It was rather comic. Then I realised I wasn't real tounge1

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one within others
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PostPosted: Thu 22 Apr, 2010  Reply with quote

I was just walking along, when suddenly my mum stepped out of the wall beside me eek2
that got me instantly lucid siiw

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You are dreaming.
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PostPosted: Sat 24 Apr, 2010  Reply with quote

A couple of days ago I walked into my kitchen and two friends of mine where there. One of them asked me where I wanted to sit, she pointed a two charis and then at the refrigerator. I said out loud Immediately "this must be a dream!". So I did a nose RC and became lucid ^^

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Lord Antares
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Lord Antares has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Wed 12 May, 2010  Reply with quote

In the dream, I was playing with my brother like when we were kids.
When I realized that, I got embarrassed.

Oh, damn it, I did not do that...I must be dreaming, I'm dreaming, I'm...wait a minute.I am dreaming!

The dream was quite weird.
When I realized I was lucid, the dream started fading away.
I said (or thought?) ''No, I want to dream'' and it worked, like always.

I was lying on my bed and my eyes were half closed.
I got up and it took some effort to open my eyes.

When I did that, I was back on my bed, but fully lucid, just like in real life.

I thought that I will wake up if I get out of the bed or...well, honestly I don't know what I was thinking.
And I woke up after that.

Oh, by the way, the dream before (or after?) this one included Kava saying that he had experienced OBE or something like that.

LD4all members told him to stop lying, that lying is rude ^^
I don't remember it so clearly...

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LD4all addict
LD4all addict
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PostPosted: Wed 12 May, 2010  Reply with quote

Ive come lucid more then twice by cats in my dreams for some odd reason. Infact before I even knew about LDing I had a LD when I saw a cat swating at me.

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Wed 12 May, 2010  Reply with quote

The first time it was my sister pulling bubble wrap from behind her. I didn't know where the heck that was going so I said "HOLD IT! I'm dreaming." The second time it was Warehouse Mouse dancing. There's no way I'll let a mouse dance in my dreams.

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Mon 31 May, 2010  Reply with quote

I became lucid by looking at my foot and noticing my "toes were out of order". My big toe was in the center, the 2 smallest were on each end and the other 2 flanked the big toe. I thought, "that's weird, this has to be a dream".

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Dream Winged Zen Pony
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PostPosted: Mon 11 Oct, 2010  Reply with quote

*tosxyChor uses Phoenix Down*
Because this thread deserves more love.

I once got lucid by merging with a character who had just become lucid himself.

Current LD goal(s): Healing
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Dream Deity
Dream Deity
BeRightBack has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Tue 12 Oct, 2010  Reply with quote

Last night I was suddenly grabbed by the balls by an invisible person behind me.......it scared the hell out of me, but did make me think "WTF! This better be a dream!". Luckily it was.

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Do a Rawr-C!
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PostPosted: Thu 09 Dec, 2010  Reply with quote

@BeRightBack lach2

I was outside at my grandparents house. Suddenly fairies started to appear. I eyed them questioningly. Either I was dreaming or hallucinating. "Well, that's not realistic," I said. Then one of my teeth felt loose. I felt it a bit and sure enough it came out. "Now it's just being obvious!"

I dunno. I always find those cliché dreams funny ways of getting lucid. lach1

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cookie lover
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PostPosted: Thu 09 Dec, 2010  Reply with quote

smile, in my first LD i was a chicken chased inside castle... smile so when i looked at my hands to do RC those weren't hands but wings... So I became lucid...

Current LD goal(s): #Find/Meet Dream Guide#
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Flying to new heights
EagleBeak has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Thu 09 Dec, 2010  Reply with quote

Someone farted in a dream, I thought that it didn't sound right and suddenly I'm lucid!

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