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Has anyone tried this [lucid dreaming kit]?

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sun 21 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

Eh, most people agree that most, if not all, of the info in one of those kits can be found for free on the internet, and you probably know a lot of it already. They're not really a miracle in a box, which is what they advertise as. The best you could hope for is a placebo effect.

I would recommend just experimenting with all the techniques that are known to work, and maybe using one of the free programs known here to help. WILD may seem the best for your type of sleep, but the results of other methods may surprise you if you give them a try.

About the WBTB problem, have you tried using a cell phone to wake up? I used to have the problem of my parents being woken up by my alarm clock and fussing at me. I haven't had that problem since using my cell phone. If you put it near your head, it should be loud enough to wake you up.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Mon 22 Sep, 2008  Reply with quote

thanks for your help everyone and thanks mod for moving me to this topic as well:)
anyway to be honest i thought it would give me nothing more than a placebo effect but the problem im having with WBTB is that when i wake up its not hard for me to turn my alarm off so i turn it off and go back to sleep because as you can imagine going to sleep is more appeling at the time tounge2

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PostPosted: Sat 11 Oct, 2008  Reply with quote

The simple drink you can buy anywhere, which can seriously BOOST your dreaming ?
COCA COLA tounge2

and i have a couple of important for me questions :
-rythm napping
sounds like some techniques, can you please pm me or answer here what thing is ? smile
peace and please answer fast wink5

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Combat the Infinite
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PostPosted: Mon 26 Apr, 2010  Reply with quote

Lunatic wrote:
I wouldnt trust it, it probably has some catch to it. you should stick to the techniques offered here. They are free wink5
I didnt buy the thing but I bet I know what its like...

he says the kit includes...

How to enjoy your first lucid dream, by following the seven day course plan - I dont think everyone is going to get a lucid dream with his, seven day course plan... in the first seven days.

The FOUR secret methods for going "lucid" whenever you want - that doesnt means it works whenever you want

The exact times you dream every night - and why only THREE of these times are important
- I'm sure you could learn about your REM periods on tyhe internet somewhere

The ultimate lucid dreaming tool - and you probably already have it! - no idea what he's talking about

How to almost GUARANTEE lucid dreams, thanks to ONE little-known herb - I bet he's talking about mugwarts

Exactly why you SHOULDN'T drink Calea Zacatechichi tea!
- do you really need to know?

The 90-minute technique that increases your chances of a lucid dream by 2000%
- he might be talking about "rythm napping"

The amazing Logical Feedback technique: enter your lucid dream consciously, without any preparation
- sounds like a wild to me

Your six unique reality checking points - and why they're critical to your success - does it matter when you do them?

The secret techniques for controlling your dreams, including HOW TO FLY and how to stop yourself from waking up - thats just stupid, you can figure out how to control your dreams by yourself and the way to keep you from waking, he will tell you the spinning technique, and to rub your arms...

The SECRET TWO WORDS you need to shout to instantly make your dreams clearer - "clarity now" and "increase lucidity now" , possibly "increase dreamtime now"

The simple drink you can buy anywhere, which can seriously BOOST your dreaming - eh?

How you can turn nightmares into great dreams, with one simple trick - if someone is chasing you, turn around and chase them. If you are being attacked give the bad guy a hug....

The Pajama technique that rockets your dream memory - stick to a dream journal

Your personal CHEAT SHEET, showing everything you need to do to guarantee a lucid dream... TONIGHT! - its probably a summary of everyting in the kit.

All he's done is taken information that can be found over the internet, and organized it into a "kit" to make money.

It's a waste...

(I hate advertising)

I know it's a old post, but I just crack up reading it. xD
Anyway, why need a "kit" ? I mean.. Good recall, and motivation is actually the big key to Lucid Dreaming. tounge2

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