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A small TUT- My method , or a tip on LD (MIWILD)

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KauaiDreamer wrote:
I did it last night!
Well..... not exactly like MIWILD, I think it turned out more like MIDILD. Woke up on my own a little after 4AM, sat up in bed and meditated on nothing. it was easier being half asleep, your mind doesn't run as much as during the day. When my body started to get really heavy I decided to lay down cause it felt like I was fighting a huge weight on my shoulders trying to get me to fold over.
Once I was laying down I focused on nothing but had a hard time staying aware/awake, so I started counting. Every time I hit 50 I sat up and did an RC. After a while I had enough of that seeing as I felt as if I was doing sit-ups all night instead of sleeping. I did my counting for a little longer, taking breaks as to not get too awake, and finally fell asleep into a normal dream in which a DC helped me to become lucid.

in a sense it was miwild because you had to concentrate which in meditation you always do. Im happy that some part of miwild helped you achieve your lucid state

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Just a stupid question: When meditating, do you meditate sitting up and fall asleep that way, and when u meditate while laying down, what do u focus on and do you give any thought to the HI?

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