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The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part II

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Thu 20 May, 2010  Reply with quote

- talk to a DC
- run really fast
- tricking: handstand, front flip etc.
- fly
- sing in front of a huge audience
- get in a fight
- sex
- visit awesome places
- swim/dive
- travel in time

so much to but I had just one LD yet


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Posts: 235
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PostPosted: Sun 30 May, 2010  Reply with quote

I haven't had a good one yet, but here's my list:
-Have a lightsaber duel with Yoda (did it once in a ND, IT WAS EPIC!)
-Breathe under water
-Visit places Ive been in books, video games, TV, etc.
-Use magic/superpowers/Jedi stuff
-Fight a ninja
-Talk to DCs
-Shapeshift (reeeaaallly easy for me)
-have a place that offers all weapons made in past, present, and future and try them out
-Have a philosophical debate with a DC
-Relive all the different Call of duty games

...It could go on and on, but I'll just stop there.

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Lucid Firebird
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Sun 30 May, 2010  Reply with quote

- Flying (somehow I can imagine growing wings would be easiest for me, eventhough I've never flied, even in a ND!^^)
- Showing off in front of DCs ("Hey everyone, I can fly!")
- Sword- and spearfighting
- The old-fashioned "Save the princess - Save the world"-Routine mrgeen

Current LD goal(s): Stabilizing the dream after becoming lucid
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Dreaming Superbeast
Lucid Initiate
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Location: Cincinatti, OH
PostPosted: Wed 30 Jun, 2010  Reply with quote

1. Get a lucid dream
2. Rub my hands together
3. Go through a mirror
4. Sing "rebel yell"
5. Fly
6. Explore
7. Fight off an army with my super awesome magic powers

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Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Thu 01 Jul, 2010  Reply with quote

My List:
- Relive some memories.
- Visit myself when I was young.
- Create a dream world based around different pass civilizations.
- Create a DC that I always meet when I lucid.
- Play music with my favorite band.
- Master swimming (I hate drowning in dreams, it SUCKS!)
- Pratice all different kinds on IWL skils
- Defeat some of my fears.
- Play video games that only exist in my mind.
- Explore the ever-changing world of my mind.
...and talk to the occasion DC ever so often.

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Cornelia Xaos
cookie lover
cookie lover
Cornelia Xaos has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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Location: I'll give you a hint: it's got a blue background with stars, and it's a forum...
PostPosted: Thu 01 Jul, 2010  Reply with quote

My list is very long so I've placed it in a spoiler. siiw

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Also, an exact copy (excluding updates) can be found on my dream journal. Oh, and read some stories while you're there. applaus

Current LD goal(s): Summon Lynn for a Tea Party.

Link to My DJ: ld4all.com
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Posts: 229
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LD count: Over 100
Location: Sweden :3
PostPosted: Fri 02 Jul, 2010  Reply with quote

1. Listen to some good music (heard that it's supposed to be amazing in dreams)
2. Find a fun DC I met once
3. Open the monster book that I found in one of my dreams
4. Learn to change scenes
5. Go trough a mirror
6. Fly to another continent
7. Swim
8. Try to make DC's realize they are in a dream
9. Go to a museum and see some art
10. Eat some lucid food
11. Fly of course
12. Try to get over my fear of wasps and sharks

Current LD goal(s): Meet my SG or my shadow self
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Dream Explorer
Lucid Initiate
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LD count: I lost count
PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010  Reply with quote

Doing the impossible is what made me want to start LD'ing. Anyways, here it is.
-Make unrealistically big bubbles (Idk why but this always sounded fun to me, like start blowing one really small and then it ends up so big that it engulfs the earth )
-Ride a wolf or morph into one (My favorite animal)
-Hang out with my best friend and probably fly together
-Create my Dream Girl (I never have had a girlfriend but have really wanted one so why not create the perfect girl? She likes everything you like, etc.)
-Sex, yeah I know, it's cliche but as a guy whose never done anything like that, why not first try it in a LD?
-Meet Harrison Ford and other people I've always wanted to meet
-Take the LD pill and see if I can make the effects turn into real life, like when I take the pill in increases my LD's or something

That's all I can think of for right now anyways ^^ [/list]

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Tue 13 Jul, 2010  Reply with quote

So far I'm at step one; trying desperately to remember my dreams XD But, If I could LD, here's what I would do:

~ Create a world of bizarre colour and discover ones that have never been seen
~ Dance in a rain of colour
~ Eat potato chips underwater ( woo )
~ Breathe underwater
~ Have my first kiss (I want to know in a dream what it feels like to kiss)
~ Meet my SC (I think it may be my cat, because she always seems to be looking at me when I wake up, and she is my closest friend)
~ Slap Austin McKenzie across his annoying, freckly face!
~ Falcon-PAWNCH Laura Vance across her annoying, freckly face! (oh, that would pwn)
~ See Oscar and Baby Butter again (my cats who passed-on)
~ Meet my great-grandma
~ Walk on water
~ Meet my religious leader
~ Scream as loud as I could, and see what happens
~ Die and see what happens (I dunno if I could, I'm a wuss)
~ Meet my fictional chars Rainfall, Jaywing and Redfeather. Oh, don't forget Artiste!
~ See what I will look like when I'[m twenty
~ See what a sound wave looks like and smells like and feels like
~ Beat the crap out of all the animal abusers in the universe
~ See if there is such things as aliens
~ Meet Link, Zelda, and Midna (shut up XD)
~ Have blue-jay wings and a tail, then fly
~ Try to share a dream with my friend, Ryan
~ Bust into my mom's dreams and see what she says in the morning slide
~ Foretell 2012
~ Free all the chickens from the grasp of Kernel Sanders
~ Beat the crap out of my mom's old boyfriend
~ Shrink
~ Grow
~ Make a whirlpool
~ Be a luma
~ Me a cat and a wolf

WOOHOO! Keep on dreaming, folks. woo

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Aiming for the stars
Dream Deity
KauaiDreamer has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Tue 13 Jul, 2010  Reply with quote

tosxyChor wrote:
In rough order of (difficulty + importance):

Fly (DONE)
Get better on flying (manuevers, someraults, faster, higher, do things)
More exploring
More skygazing
Telekinesis (DONE)
Passing thorugh walls (DONE)
Get my wings! (Completing a quest)
Create objects
Destroy matter
Animate objects
Teleportation/portal usage
Riding animals, dragons, chocobos, whatever!
Get my clothes off and see how long the dream lasts ^^
Create energetic/elemental balls, ki powers
Play the piano
Talk with my SC (DONE)
Talk with my Angelic guide (actually, it seems I have to create one first lach1)
Getting an animal companion or two
Face and confront my fears
Finish past quests here on ld4all
Relive forgotten experiences
Martial arts! Kung fu fighting!
Become a single point of consciousness
Get into a videogame (fighting, fps)
Get into the 4th spatial dimension
Get into prolonging LD's at will
Learn to easily induce a LD
Using Wyvern's transformation guide till the end of the world
Win a Lucid Challenge
Become a complete DnD druid (magic, nature, companions, shapeshifting, adventure!)
Become a Chronicler without asking IRL
..... (way down below)
Secret tasks: can't tell
Looks like you can update your list! You have your wings and won a lucid challenge etc.

Current LD goal(s): ~get better at making a healing energy sphere, conquer doubt, fear & negativ
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Aiming for the stars
Dream Deity
KauaiDreamer has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
Posts: 500
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LD count: 43
Location: Between Realities
PostPosted: Tue 13 Jul, 2010  Reply with quote

Okay, a few dream goals of mine:

1) Meet my dream guide again (at least I know what he looks like now)
2) Learn to heal better with stronger chi ball
3) Find my perfect meadow and be able to get there every time I wish
4) Fly to the Himalayas and sit on a snowcapped mountain top
5) Fly in the universe and float along the ring of Saturn and into the Milky Way
6) Prolong LD
7) Find my Tree of Souls again and manage to get closer
8 ) Manage a mutual dream with a friend of mine who is also an LDer
9) Practice roller blading so I can get over my fear of falling in RL
10) Practice singing (no neighbors that can complain smile )
11) Find a mirror and step through
12) Meet my future life partner, so I'll know what he looks like in RL (cheating)

Current LD goal(s): ~get better at making a healing energy sphere, conquer doubt, fear & negativ
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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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LD count: about 77
Location: Finland
PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010  Reply with quote

I hate the fact that every time I get lucid, I go on auto-pilot and start flying immediately. I seriously don't remember a LD in which I haven't flown. So here is my list for things I really want to do when I learn to control my dreams in a way that I don't always do the same old flight which bores me now.

- find a lightsaber, just turn it on and look at it, listen to it.
- play drums with some awesome band, preferably some big stadium concert
- create an idyllic dreamtown, not a "world", just a small perfect place
- sing higher than I'm able to IWL
- visit outer space, but not realistic space, as in black emptiness with stars, but colorful scenery like photos by the Hubble
- interact in some of my favourite movies, maybe change the story by giving some character a heads up that he's getting killed... :D
- timetravel
- explore
- talk with dream characters that I don't know IWL, make friends
- learn something from an old wiseguy :D

that's all I can think of right now...

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Lucid Initiate
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LD count: 2 low, 2 mid
Location: Indiana, USA
PostPosted: Mon 26 Jul, 2010  Reply with quote

-Listen to my favorite songs in hyperreality
-Explore a new world
-Participate in an epic fantasy war
-Die heroically in said epic fantasy war and try to catch a glimpse of the afterlife
-Zombie survival (I've done it before in an ND, but not a really great one)
-Drum to songs I can't play IRL (Rush, Behemoth, ELP, etc.) in concert
-Backstage after said concert give Marilyn Manson a good, hefty slap in the face
-Enter my favorite TV shows, movies, and books in order to change the timeline
-Enter Mario Kart and try to win a race
-Tell a DC to make me become lucid in every dream I have
-Witness historical events firsthand (the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy, V-Day, the Fall of Rome, etc.)
-Single-handedly save a concentration camp from Nazis

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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LD count: 6
PostPosted: Tue 17 Aug, 2010  Reply with quote

I don't have a big list...but I'll share it anyway XD

-Meet the Almighty Tallest from Invader Zim
-Meet my SC
-Search my brain for good book ideas
-Meet people I know on the internet in my dream
-Explore my brain and find reasons why I'm having hints to an old dream so often
-Fly around the world
-Meet people in my life who have died
-Go through a zombie attack survival scenario
-Meet my SG

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Is_R_My Reality
Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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My Own LD To Do List.
PostPosted: Wed 18 Aug, 2010  Reply with quote

* create my own world
*start my own life and have a family
*transform into a bird, panther, husky
*travel around the world
*sketch out a floor plan/layout then lift the building into a 3D form
*make a warehouse of some sort where each door carries a dream I've had, where I re visit any time I want.
*make a home for my dream guide Ricky ( i think he is)
*create my own dream pet
*visit the middle age
*create my story ideas into movies

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