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How to Get More in Touch with your Dream Guide: Theory

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Is_R_My Reality
Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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How to Get More in Touch with your Dream Guide: Theory
PostPosted: Fri 20 Aug, 2010  Reply with quote

I'm pretty close with my dream guide: Ricky. However when ever I experience a new dream, I keep forgetting to recognize the dream instead of going through the motion. Basically I miss my chance to see my dream guide. Are there any tricks to recognize a dream without waking up? I used to be a natural at LD:

*talk to dream characters
*feel pain
*being put in a different reality and being taught how to create objects and scenery on a canvas [ oddly enough my teacher said I wasn't allowed to be here and I woke up]
*call my dream spirit in a time of need
*tell myself to wake up before the nightmare came and end up in my old neighbor's room, my family guest room, and Mcdonalds-turn around and be in a white house looking out towards a night sky and ocean view. From the reflection of the window the door was being opened by lengthening black claws eek2
*taught myself how to fly
*when I was underwater in a dream I was holding my breath in real life. I woke up gasping for air
*at the age of 8 I was pounding my fists to my head trying to wake up from a nightmare, yet my parents had to shake me vigorously and shout my name
*I just finished a dream not too long ago that came in a series every year

help! help! Now since I've realized what LD is exactly I've lost my touch all I can do now is sit back and dream. No altering, no Ricky. help! help!

I was thinking once I get the swing of things back, I could create a cellphone for me and my dream guide and call him whenever I started dreaming. While we talk he can tell me where he is and as he's explaining I create it. Interesting right? ^^

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One Dreamer
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PostPosted: Fri 20 Aug, 2010  Reply with quote

Hi Is_R_My Reality,

Dreaming is not the only time you can contact your 'dream guide' or higher self or whatever you want to call it. In the end they are all aspects of you.
You can also reach them and open a dialog with them by meditating or through guided visualizations. You create a meeting place or a sacred sanctuary sort of place. Of course the hard part is to let go enough to allow the dialog to occur rather than the questioning mind that is constantly asking "is this real?" But that is just practice.
In dream it is easier because we feel more comfortable in the abstract reality. But through guided visualizations and meditation or self-hypnosis it is more accessible whenever you wish.
Dream guide, Higher Self, Inner Wisdom, etc.. are always available at all times because they don't exist within the boundaries of time as we perceive.
The more you open to the possibility that it is always available to you, and not just in dream time, the more you can get to know these higher aspects of yourself, until you become it, and no longer need to see it as an outside form or visual.

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