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Spinning! LOTS of Spinning!

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Spinning! LOTS of Spinning!
PostPosted: Sat 18 Dec, 2010  Reply with quote

I had a very curious dream last night. I went to bed and 9:30 (hey, early to bed, early to rise) and woke up at 3:30 like I always do, and then went back to sleep after a trip to the bathroom and attempted a MILD. I repeated the mantra "My next dream I will know I am dreaming" to myself until I fell asleep. Then I had a dream that I was sitting on a park bench in the late evening, as it was almost dark. I was fully Lucid. The peculiar thing was, everything was spinning, and my limbs felt like they were very heavy, so I could barely move. It was kind of like being on one of those spinning rides you see at amusement parks. My limbs were heavy, everything was spinning, I tried to stop the spinning but I couldn't move. Then I either woke up or had a FA, everything was still spinning, and my limbs still felt very heavy. I felt like I could move a little bit if I wanted to, but my limbs were too heavy to move enough to even get off the bed. My body (involuntarily) floated up from my bed until it was almost touching the ceiling. Then I floated down until I was sinking into my bed. After a few minutes of not being able to move and spinning, the spinning finally stopped. I didn't feel dizzy or anything. Sorry for the text wall but my questions about this experience are

1. Have any of you had a similar experience?
2. Was this SP? I've heard that its terrifying the first time it happens to you, but this was actually pretty fun and interesting.

Thank you.

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PostPosted: Mon 07 Mar, 2011  Reply with quote

Yes I had a similar experience before. In my FA, everything was spinning as well. The ceiling, the entire room.
My first theory is that this wasn't SP. SP is the course between being awake and falling asleep, you go through it every night, often unconsciously. In your case you were apparently already dreaming. Maybe you were dreaming about SP or maybe it's only a weirdo dream
My second theory is that this was SP. Only your HIs were very real, in this case you are a very lucky person because it seems you can easily WILD :D

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PostPosted: Tue 08 Mar, 2011  Reply with quote

No spinnings happen to me throughout the LD I have.
But..I do feel tired. I mostly WILD. All I have to do is participate and figure out some things my mind wanted me to.

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