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The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part III

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sun 29 May, 2011  Reply with quote

- Be Messi and play the Championsleague final
- Meet Obama, kill him, take his place and set of all nuclear bombs. devil
- Fly through New York city
- Going back in time and see how people lived in the dark ages, meet dinosaurs etc.
- Ride a T-rex ofcourse
And more crazy things.

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Sun 05 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

I think the first thing im gonna do when I experience my first lucid dream, is im gonna tear down a wall, or a building, using like telepathic powers, to really show off the powers, then i think i will make a huge building, and jump out from it, maybe visit the sun, grill some chicken wings up there. haha smile

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New member
New member
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Location: Missouri, USA
PostPosted: Mon 06 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

My ultimate goal is probably to meet and befriend a dragon, then continue to meet him/her in a lot of other dreams. Hopefully like a companion in the dreamscape.

Current LD goal(s): Successfully LD and remember it.
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Is this a dream?
Astral Explorer
altheman9993 has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Mon 06 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

I really wana barge into Stargate command :D dial a random planet. Then go through the stargate and look around. See what my brain will randomly come up with. Also to experience the feeling of going through a wormhole.

Then for other sci-fi, I wana be beamed up on the enterprise and take control of the vessel and cause some mayhem tounge2


Current LD goal(s): Short term goal: Practise WILD. Long term goal: Achieve lucidity at will.
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Alien Violinist
Dream Deity
ZRVera has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Mon 06 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

I went through a stargate once in an NLD, but I don't recall seeing where I ended up. I should try it again. tounge2

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Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Mon 06 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

This idea of using a stargate is very interesting, it could help teleporting over astronomically long distances. When I try to teleport on another planet, I end up on the wrong one most of the time. To avoid that, I have to go there in a spaceship and see the planet from orbit to be sure it is the right one before going on it. This technique fails sometimes...

Also, falling in a black hole could be an awesome experience.

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Wed 08 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

Thund3rStruck wrote:
(if LD's follow Inception rules)

To answer this: Nope (well, kind of). The real answer is, they CAN follow Inception rules (and to sound like a 3rd grade teacher) it's all in believing. If you want 5 minutes of RL time to be equivalent to 1 hour dream time, that's very plausible, but there is no set formula. Same with pain, there really is no reason for you to feel pain, so in all honesty, there is a switch to turn it off. As far as getting stuck in a dream.... well, in the real world, I believe doctors call this a "coma".

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Mon 13 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

Well, if I would be able to do a LD one day, I think I would do the thing that is the most impossible to do in real life: travel throw time.
If LDs are as realistic as dreamers say, then they would be the occasion of going back to ancient Greece, ancient Egypt; or going even before: at the time of giant mammals, dinosaurs...
Well I don't know if it is possible to create such environements... but I'll try if one day I manage to do a LD smile

Current LD goal(s): 1
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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Wed 06 Jul, 2011  Reply with quote

My first goal is too fly all over the world! That and eat everything I can think of! YUM!

Current LD goal(s): TO LUCID DREAM
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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Thu 14 Jul, 2011  Reply with quote

My short-term goal...Hmm I don't know I have so many ideas, but I need to set one/few because when I don't know what to do in LD I end up in NLD
In my next LD I'll try...Flying. I've never managed to fly properly smile I guess I'll try flying like a bird, mayby transform into one. Superman flying is very hard to control (I tried that once, but it was way too fast tounge2 ) for me.
My other goals (or more precisely fun things to do):
- Travelling to other planets or dimensions
- Fighting as a Space Marine in Dawn of War universe smile
- Creating/meeting my dream companion which would accompany through my dreams
- Talking to my SC
More serious goals:
- Learn how to make time run slower in dreams, so they can last as long as I want
- Talking to my SG, ask him/her/it some questions (but I think it is easier in OOBE)

Current LD goal(s): Learning Truth about universe :) + increase my esoteric skills and knowledge
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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Thu 14 Jul, 2011  Reply with quote

Unseen_Eye wrote:
For me, the list would be like this:
-Step into my shadow

remeber me 46+2 by tool

Also rickroll my SC? Lol

Current LD goal(s): Perform more LDs/ Sense things in LDs
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New member
New member
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Location: Third Age
First Post
PostPosted: Tue 26 Jul, 2011  Reply with quote

It took me quite a long time to convince myself to post something here. Afterall I came to the conclusion that one of the most important things in LDing is to get some encouragement and perspective from likeminded people, not only at the beginning of LDing. Thanks to pasQuale, all the other motivated moderators and hundreds of interesting posts I didnt loose my motivation concerning the topic. This forum helps me a lot to keep in touch with LDing and to experience now approximately one LD per month just by staying aware of my dreams and even without too much effort. Thank you all for this.

And here are my long term favourites for situations, environments and feelings I would like to find in my future dreams:

1.) visiting R'lyeh
2.) being the fog creeping over a big landscape, feeling the contours, the life in it and its history
3.) learning how to regularly explore the feeling of waking up, which can be a very intense and exciting part of a lucid dream
4.) experiencing synesthesia
5.) being the last human being on earth

Current LD goal(s): meet characters from my book
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New member
New member
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LD count: 5
PostPosted: Sun 14 Aug, 2011  Reply with quote

I decided to make a checklist, lo and behold two of them happen in a normal dream. smile
[ ] Create a recurring DC who can be a foil to my inevitable nonsense.
[ ] Find my old house.
[ ] Find a worthy antagonist.
[ ] Put on a comedy show.
[ ] Read a book and let my mind fill it in.
[ ] Create a magical language.
[ ] Acquire diamond pickaxe.
[x] Force a DC to ragequit from my dream.
[x] Reveal to a DC that they're a DC, see reaction.
[ ] Hijack all the TVs like in action movies and give my best villainous laugh.

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Mon 15 Aug, 2011  Reply with quote

- paint the sky
- explore the ocean freely, without needing an oxygen tank (we know more about space than our own oceans! imagine what your subconscious would make of one of the biggest mysteries known to man...)
- go through a tiny door that seems to make an appearance in a lot of my dreams...
- paint (for inspiration, you know)
- go past our solar system
- talk to my subconscious
- solve a jigsaw puzzle and jump inside
- be in incredible danger, and run as fast as I can away from said danger
- find my crush and get as spicy as my wild hot enchilada (smallest priority... but it's still there wink)

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Regaining Lucidity
Novice dreamer
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LD count: 7
Location: New York, New York
PostPosted: Wed 24 Aug, 2011  Reply with quote

1. Fly over the Blue Ridge Mountains
2. Sail across the ocean in a yacht
3. Pilot a Hot-air Balloon
4. Try to play checkers (or even chess) with my SC
5. Shift into a wolf and track my prey through the valleys of Yellowstone NP
6. Find something that cannot be found
7. Play on a church organ
8. Explore a ghost town

Current LD goal(s): WILD and stabilize a dream
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