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One of the best dreams I have ever had..

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One of the best dreams I have ever had..
PostPosted: Sun 29 May, 2011  Reply with quote

This wasn't a lucid dream, I really don't know where to put this. And if someone could, help me figure out the meaning of this dream, what its trying to tell me? I believe dreams are ways for your subconscious to deal with problems/help you out in some way. The reason its in this, is because I wan't to put this in reality in the future. I want to move to the country, isolated from cities, near the woods, somewhere beautiful like in my dream..

Be warned: This dream will get WEIRD lol.

Characters: Tessa is a friend of a girl I know, never interested in her, don't know why she is in my dream.

Catherine is Tessa's best friend pretty much.

This dream gets weird, and maybe it has no meaning, just a random dream, but if someone could interpret it for me, that would be great.

5/29/2011-One of my greatest dreams

Key part: I am with Tessa for some reason ( I do not know why) and we are
in the woods, near my highschool and old middle school, with a creek and a valley (maybe a
rivew in the valley). It is late at night, and there is a small opening in the woods
were the valley goes down. You could seen a whole city with pretty much a birds eye view
. Half of the woods started to light up from the sun coming up, the other half
still had street lights on, and was dark with all the city lights on, I tell her
"Hey check this out!" and right when she looks the sun comes up over there and
lights the rest of the city up. I don't know if she got a chance to look or not.
As the sun came up, it looked like it "ignited" as it came up. But what was weird.
The sun wasn't even up yet, and the west side of the valley was lit up, the east side was
dark, and then the sun came up on the East side and lite the rest up. Also
in the dream, we were jumping creeks to get back to east. We were also at the mall
and nick was there (the mall part before the sun rise). We were looking
at Tessa and Catherine, and they see us, so I run. I go in between the tavern (a restaurnt)
and tessa turns to cut me off, she almost caught up to me, so I run into the tavern
and go into the basement. Thats all I remember from the dream. Also the part in
the woods, we were there really late, doing something for catherine.
She had a bunch of spiderman pictures, and porn with spiderman under a tree,
and was getting extra credit for it LOL? and I was going threw it and saw one
that was just black people porn and I was like Oh yeah! (jokingly to tessa)
. And we had to put them all in the right order for her, I don't know why,
but in the dream it wasn't weird she was turning in spiderman porn/pictures
to get extra credit, it seemed normal lol. Anyways, after that I was walking
back to school and she texted me saying: (Hey did you make sure too ____)
Thats all I remember, I don't remember what she said after that.

My favorite part of the dream was just that buetiful sunrise I saw. It was
by far, the greatest thing I have ever seen in a dream AND in real life. Everything
was just so detailed and buetiful, you could see so much. It made me wish
I lived somewhere in the woods out somewhere. And I still do, very much.
I do not know why tessa and catherine were in my dream at all, they are
pretty much best friends, tessa is hot but I didn't really show any interest
in her or anything, and after the sunset I put my arm around her and we walked
down and I can't remember if she did the same, but I know she didn't care
at all and liked that I did from what I remember.

I have know idea why they where in my dream, why I was interested in her
in the dream and put my arm around her and stuff, AND why there was spiderman
stuff..lol..But, that sunrise, was the MOST buetiful thing I have ever seen.
I wish I could see it again, have a picture of it, or better yet see it in real life...

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PostPosted: Fri 03 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

I don't have an interpretation but I would not be surprised if you and Tressa--or Tessa?--don't end up having more to do with one another.

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Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Fri 03 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

Uhmmm yeah....it sounds pretty much like it was just a dream.

(That's probably the only sensible thing one can conclude from someone else's dream)

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PostPosted: Sat 02 Jul, 2011  Reply with quote

Awesome dream. Sounds amazing. One of my favorite dreams happened on the same night, on May 29th. Also involved a girl.

And I had a dream like this, where you saw something amzing. I was at the neighborhood park, after the bus I was riding had broken down. I look to the sky, and rainbows where everywhere. Not just normal rainbows, either. Each band of colour was conected at one spot, and they were continously spinning, some slow, some faster, and some just lying there, motionless. The sight was amazing.

Hehe, turns out it happened April 29th. Damn, I am getting all of my favorite dreams before or on the 29th.

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