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Back to lucid dreaming but..

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Back to lucid dreaming but..
PostPosted: Thu 06 Oct, 2011  Reply with quote

After not lucid dreaming since the last time I've posted here, I've been having some cool dreams. My normal dream recall is almost back to being no dreams at all, but I refuse to let that happen, my normal dreams have began to incorporate blood & violence in them for some reason. I don't mind it though I find it kind of cool. The thing is, right before my normal dream recall & vividness drop tremendously, I get a huge vivid fully lucid dream, kinda like a present, its weird, happens almost every month. Can anyone explain this? & give any tips to increase my dream recall again & vividness again.

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I don't really know how to explain what you described, but maybe you unconsciously lose interest in your DR because you're satisfied with your nice LD?

Anyway, was just a random idea. For DR it's very important that you have a steady sleeping time and are getting enough sleep. Saying a mantra right before going to sleep like: "I'll wake up immediately after my dreams and remember them" is also very helpful. Be sure to write all your dreams down in as many details as possible, with increased DR the vividness should come by itself. smile

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