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Lucid Non-Lucid Dream

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Lucid Non-Lucid Dream
PostPosted: Sat 31 Dec, 2011  Reply with quote

Hello, I know some people think I'm crazy about posting this but, anyway.

Last night I had a very strange NLD, probably during the first REM cycle of the night. What is weird about it is that I knew it was a Non Lucid dream while it was happening but still I couldn't my dreaming self aware.

I think I can make it clearer: I was at the same time having a Non-lucid dream and being a lucid DO watching the same dream.

My NLD self wasn't aware about my LDO self, however, my LDO was aware about it all, and kept on trying to make the NLD self lucid until I woke up.

Yes, this is madness. What do you think?

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PostPosted: Sat 31 Dec, 2011  Reply with quote

I think I had one of those once, also very early in the night. I was just observing myself in the dream, but couldn't act on it. I was annoyed in the dream, that I was lucid, but couldn't do anything. At some moments I could feel myself lying in bed as well. It's like a very low level of sleep, I guess.

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PostPosted: Sat 31 Dec, 2011  Reply with quote

It's not madness, it reminds me of FLD's, except the opposite. If that makes sense? I think the same thing happened to me during a nightmare where I knew I was dreaming but my only aim was to use to to wake up. Or something. Like pushing my dream self to wake up. o_O

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PostPosted: Wed 25 Jan, 2012  Reply with quote

Had something like this some nights before. In my dream, some people with guns approached into my direction and I thought "oh, if they shoot you, your dream will stop". I then entered that strange state. I was able to spin back the time and try to not get shot again. It was like *boom* jump left, get shot. Then the time ran backwards, and again. *boom* jump right, get shot, again. And again, and again. I even tried to grab a piece of wood and fight back. However, my body didn't react fully sometimes. It was like I wanted it to move, but it didn't. I wasn't quite "in it", too. I observed myself from a camera perspective like in a third person game.

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