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What Dreamstate does the mind & body rest the most?

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Novice dreamer
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What Dreamstate does the mind & body rest the most?
PostPosted: Mon 16 Jan, 2012  Reply with quote

Hey guys,

I saw this picture on how to "hack" your sleep cycle to waste aslitle time sleeping as possible. Picture:Hack your Sleep

I was reading and they say that REM sleep is the sleepstate where your mind and body rest the most.. and that the other sleepstates are almost useless.. ( I belive REM is for resting your mind, while the others are more for your body..)

Soo, I was like wait.. wtf, I thou REM was the Least resting dreamstate, cause its the most "a wake" dreamstate.. while deepsleep should be more effective..

But when thinking of it, when you are reeeaally reaally tired, after a wtfbbq long LAN-party or so, you enter REM sleep at start.. you feel your mind fade away in dreams all the time..

It enters REM sleep at start, because its the most importent sleep?

I find this kinda intressting, would be nice to know a way you can feel rested quickly if you need to do alot of work. (Even if its probably unhealthy for the body if you do it for a long time, it's what I bellive but who knows.. )

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PostPosted: Sat 21 Jan, 2012  Reply with quote

Define rest wink5

In REM, your mind is dreaming, a current theory is that it's doing this to sort and store data in your memory. It's essentially defragging your brain, so it's refreshing it. I would call that resting, even though it does seem to be most active during this time.

Your body is resting the whole time, as it's not moving. My guess would be the most restful is also REM. Your breathing speeds up slightly compared to the rest of your sleep cycles. This means more oxygen to your body, so it can heal itself faster.

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