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VG/WG/VVG Pure RP topic
Why is there a poll here all of a sudden?
Why is there a poll here all of a sudden?
I don't know, but I'm not an addict
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who said anything about addicts? are you one?
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cookie lover
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Wed 26 Jan, 2011  Reply with quote


"You may enter..."
A woman of middle age appearance was calling in her subordinate. A tall knight in golden armor, covered by white robes and decorated by a crimson cloak, entered the room. "My lady, this letter was dropped for you. Even though we couldn't find a magical seal next to the wax one, there still is an air of powerful magic around it. I suggest to be cautious with it." He handed it over and left the room with a humble gesture.
Now she was all alone again, holding the letter in her hand and eying it suspiciously. She was not very tall but all in all looked like a normal woman, besides maybe her rather captivating beauty. She wore a similiar outfit like that of her serveant: a robe that looked like pure gold and a red cape. Her brown hair didn't seem to fit with her uniform though.
She was starting to wonder why she was hesitating so long. The letter couldn't really cause her any harm. Nobody would dare to do an attempt on her. They should know that they would then face her vengeance. A fatal destiny. And so she opened the letter with the seal she didn't recognize. The calligraphy was elegant yet modest.

letter wrote:
Dear Mawa,

I am writing to you to inform you of the recent incidents in Calla. Maybe you have heard of it already, but a mighty sorcerer is currently seeking refuge there. It is said that it was him who summed Arnwrath, the demon who took control over the cursed twin Allac. A mighty summoner and alchemist that he apparently is, he also seems rotten to the core. As like will to like, I thought you might want to pay him a visit rather soon. I know you wanted to visit Calla very soon anyways, so why not put your plans through a little earlier?

Even though I wish you may never proceed with your quests, I wish you a nice stay in that cursed village. It has a breathtaking surrounding and nature to marvel at, I can assure you. Please just don't burn it all down you self-righteous witch, will you?

Yours sincerely,


Mawa was furious. How dare that person writes her a letter like that. It was an outrage and it surely wouldn't be left unpunished, she vowed. As the leader of the Solar Templars, she was the most lawful and noble person to walk the earth during these aeons.
She threw the letter a few feet away, pointed at it with her index on her right hand and cursed "IGNITE". And at that the letter errupted into flames and sank down to the ground. But even though the paper crumbled up, it didn't get burned at all. A few seconds later a small raincloud appeared out of nowhere above the burning piece of paper and started to pour down enough rain to quench the fire. Then a very girlish giggle was audible. "Oh I'm not making it that easy for you..." explained the same voice out of nowhere when the rain finally stopped and left a small puddle of water on the ground.
Mawa was beside herself with anger, her eyes virtually burning with hate and disgust for this impudent person. She swung both her arms forward in rage and sprayed fired onto the small letter in front of her until it was finally reduced to dust. The fire was so large that the whole room heated up a lot and the window glasses even cracked. But at least the parchment was ultimately destroyed - and her day ruined...

I will add a character description at some point later (to prevent spoilers tounge1). Are they supposed to go into the second post of this topic or in my own one?
Also Q, did you notice my RP reference in WG 43 tounge1

Well what else can I say, this is part of my longest story arc I ever created so far, and it's not done so quickly tounge1

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PostPosted: Thu 26 Jan, 2012  Reply with quote

This is going to be about Bartz, the undead merchant and it explains what has happened in the year ever since he left Allac.

Bartz had fled Allac, along with his shop, he could not possibly leave it behind. Through the harsh winter, he had once again lived meager, somewhat nomadic lifestyle, making his living out of selling and exchanging goods with passing travellers, adventurers, soldier squads, scouts, spies, thieves and the like. It was not a pretty existence, but was one he had known his entire life, well, his second life anyway. Every once in a while, he would find a village or a town, where he could do some more bartering, increasing his wares and fortune. This continued until the middle of summer, when he came to a startling realization: he has become too wealthy to continue his travelling lifestyle.

What he thought would be a simple decision, to settle in a town, became a tough nut to crack, as wherever he went, he encountered different kinds of obstacles, from corrupt leaders, murderous gangs, cutthroat laws and the like. It was then, when he thought that he had visited one place that was not so bad... Allac. Of course it had curse problems, but he was not so normal himself, was he? There was one problem though, he was REALLY far away from Allac, but he set his sights towards it.

In his travels, he learned not only the price of items, but also the value of changes, in people, their souls and the world they inhabit. It was time for him to change as well.

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Del Techno
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Razz the Traveler

Razz was a great adventurer at times, but decided he would settle down a little bit, picking the closest destination in his reach and it proved to be Allac. Thinking of the myths of Vampires, he thought, "I think this will be my last adventure. I think I have the will for another one."

His first stop was the Red Stake Inn. The next morning he would visit the Library to see if there are any papers on Feora. He also wondered what would the stakings look like.

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Qu wrote:
hmm maybe here is a short thingy with hooks or current storylines or something.

depending on how this will develop, maybe it will die and be forgotten cry

You put a jinx on it Qu

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