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I was lucid but had no visual input. what to do?

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I was lucid but had no visual input. what to do?
PostPosted: Sun 04 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote


Had a strange experience. Need advice.

I'm using rem dreamer mask for a couple of weeks. No lucid dreams yet.

The mask blinked when I was sleeping and I noticed it and found myself wondering if I'm asleep or not.

Then I pressed the reality check button on the mask and saw the lights blink but didnt hear the beep. So I understood that I am dreaming.

The thing is that I had no visual input. All I was seeing was black just like in regular sleep. I hanged in this situation for a while and didnt know what to do so I decided to wake up to check if the mask works.
I woke up, pressed the button again and the beep did sound, so I understood that I was indeed lucid.

What can I do in this situation when I know I'm dreaming but I dont see anything visually?


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PostPosted: Sun 04 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

You could try to reach into your pockets (if you have any in your dream) and pull out a mirror or a portal, from which you can go into a visual dream. Or you could just expect something to be there when you turn around.

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PostPosted: Sun 04 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

This state is called Black Void ( I thought there was a mouse-over on BV).
There is a technique I always do regardless of whether I don't see anything or the dream is just vague.

I open my eyes!
Now this might wake YOU up, but it spawns me in my room with a crystal clear lucidity level and a mind as sharp as my real one. For some reason, no one has picked this technique up, but you might try it.

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PostPosted: Sun 04 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

I've had this happen to me on numerous occasions. Most of the time whilst it's happening, I can only hear my own breathing and depending where I am, ambient noises like birds singing and sometimes, physical sensations like the natural heat of the sun on my skin and wind.

Usually, this happens when I have an FA and get out of bed. In those cases, it usually passes when I make my way out the front door of my house. On another occasion, it passed on it's own accord when I grabbed a nearby wall feeling the rough texture of it to anchor myself into the LD more.

Another way I have been able to get past this, is to prise my eyes open. (sometimes, the void may often accompanied by the strong sensation of having your eyes closed.)

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PostPosted: Sun 04 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

Well I honestly don't know a lot about the REM dreamer mask, but it's an opaque mask, yes? So you said you saw the lights blinking, so this means you had visiual input. Since it's night and you were wearing the mask in the dream, why don't you just try to doff the mask and either switch the lights on or use a command like "Light!" ?

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PostPosted: Mon 05 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

There are many tricks to work around this, to name a few:

- Rub your hands in front of you until you can see them
- Crawl on floor
- Find a light switch and flip it on. If it doesn't work you can try repeating it a couple of times, or find another switch. Sometimes the room will lit, sometimes the outside.
- Shout "Lucidity now!"
- Eat your blanket (yes I really mean it)

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PostPosted: Mon 05 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

Here's an idea, try imagining a torch is right next to your bed and when you reach for it in your LD, hopefully you'll feel it and then imagining it becoming lit. If this works, it might make the darkness go away!

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