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Lucid Survival

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Lucid Survival
PostPosted: Thu 07 Jun, 2012  Reply with quote

Staying Lucid:
-Say, "Increase Lucidity!"
-Count or do math on your fingers
-Do your reality checks as normal
-Do a ballerina spin and yell "I'M LUCID!" XD
-Rub your hands together
-Smack yourself in the face

Things to do while lucid:
-Build a village
-Fly (of course!)
-Turn on the TV to your favorite show and focus on a certain character (this
should put you into that situation as that character,)
-Have a zombie apocalypse at Der Riese
-Have a zombie apocalypse at Taco Bell

Tips and Ideas:
-Tell someone in your dream that you have to do reality checks whenever ____
-Tell someone in your dream that they always have to tell you you're dreaming
whenever they see you.

these are my ideas smile feel free to use them! tell me what you think :D
(can't wait to have a zombie apocalypse at taco bell XD)

Current LD goal(s): have 2-3 lucid dreams a week
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Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Thu 07 Jun, 2012  Reply with quote

additional "to stay lucid": Keep moving, do NOT focus on one spot for longer than a second or two.

Current LD goal(s): Master timefreezing.
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Class 2 Lucid Dreamer
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PostPosted: Sun 10 Jun, 2012  Reply with quote

If you want to stay Lucid you can also conjure a clock and set the dream time to say 1 hour and real time to maybe half an hour. If you wan't even more time, you can prolong it even further!

Current LD goal(s): Eat apple pie , spray web like spiderman
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