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LD4all Quest 78 [July]: Become a superhero (or villain)!

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Elliott has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Wed 25 Jul, 2012  Reply with quote

Well I was a villain for most of my dream. I was the second in command of a huge evil group and spent most of my dream travelling to different countries, wiping out their governments and taking over. My abilites were super speed and the ability to shoot fire out of my fingers and burn people. I killed anyone who disagreed with my group or tried to stop us.

Then near the end of my dream we went to the UK. I had just killed Cameron when for some reason, the girl who I love IRL walked in. My boss was just about to kill her but even in a dream I couldn't let that happen. I turned on him and burnt him to death. Realising what I had done, the rest of the group came and started to fight me. I killed a lot of them but there were too many and I didn't want to cheat by making myself invincible. The dream ended when I died.

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Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Wed 25 Jul, 2012  Reply with quote

Only a few days left in July, but I still believe that I can do this quest. I'm going to become a supervillain. Haven't come up with a name yet, but I will, once I have that LD (and I will have it!!!).

Current LD goal(s): - Have a lucid dream by the end of July - Completely recall a dream
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PostPosted: Thu 02 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote

The LD4all quest for August is now posted. LD4all Quest 79: Be an Olympian!

Congratulations to Smiley and Elliott for successfully completing the quest. thumbs

pasQuale will hand out any wings earned in the superhero/villain quest after she has checked the posts. Please be patient ^^

You can still do this quest, but can't earn your wings from completing it successfully.

Current LD goal(s): 6 LDs per year * ND goals - actively incubate interesting/fun dreams

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PostPosted: Thu 02 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote

Congratulations Smiley and Elliott on my behalf as well, you have earned your wings colgate

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