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First LD ! (kind of...)

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First LD ! (kind of...)
PostPosted: Wed 24 Apr, 2013  Reply with quote

Hi there
firstable, i'd like to apologize if you don't understand something of what you'll be reading, but i'm swiss so my english isn't perfect but quite good grin (I hope so...)

So tonight I had what you could call a LD. It was my first one and it was an amazing experiment. I discovered LDing about 2 weeks ago, and I've been trying since then to have one, with no success.

I'm posting this because I feel weird about that dream. Let me explain this to you so you can understand :

So I was standing there, in the middle of a town that I couldn't recognize. I don't remember anything of what happened before this, so I guess the dream started there. For some reason, I suddenly thought "wait...maybe it's a dream ?" like right away, form the beggining ! So I did a RC (I tried to breath through the nose while closing it with my fingers) and it worked ! I felt excited, but I knew I had to stay focused so I don't wake up. I shouted "lucidity times 1000 !" but it didn't work, or I felt no difference. I stayed focused anyway, and just started running for no reason, and after a few meters, I thought : "I have to find her (a beautiful girl that I like very much)". So I ran back to find a DC, and I asked someone if he knew her, and where she is (that was a trick I thought about myself to find who i'm looking for, I recommend it if you haven't used it yet). The DC said "Yes, she's in first class (i don't know how to say it in english, but it's the young children's class) and she's there, at the hairdresser" and i was like "What ? first class ?" so i asked him how old she is and he said 18...(that was the WTF moment of the dream). I thought that this must be her, even if she isn't 18 IRL, so I ran to the hairdresser, I passed the door and saw her...she was so beautiful ! Like even more than in reality, i can't really explain that in words, but she was sooooo beautiful. At this point you might think why i was looking for that girl, well, my first idea was to...you know...have something with her, but I only made it to kiss her, I don't remember how, but it was amazing. That feeling was awesome, I really hope i make a LD again tonight (even if i know that's unlikely for a beginner to have 2 LD in 2 nights). The rest of the dream is not important, it's even more WTF and that's the point of this post : when I woke up, i realised that i really could have done some things different, and i felt like i wasn't really controling the dream. In fact, while writing down my dream this morning, i realized that the more the dream was going on, the less i could control it. Actually since i met her, i was controling barely anything... I really could have had something with her if i would have been 100% lucid, but i guess that's because it was my first LD and that the next ones are going to be better (i hope so)

I'm really looking forward having a LD again, it's so AWESOME ! Now I'm just impatient to go to bed every night to try having one again :D

So what do you, LDers, think about all that ? I just wanted to share my feelings about my first LD, i'm so glad i made it !

BTW : this is my first post on the forum, hope it is still active because the french one isn't at all ! Too bad...

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PostPosted: Wed 24 Apr, 2013  Reply with quote

It's pretty impressive that you were able to stay in the dream that long and do some things even though you were excited. What happens to most people in their first lucid dreams is they get too excited and immediately wake up. I'd say you're doing a good job at dream control and stability. You just need more practice.

Then again this was only your first lucid dream. The next one could be better or worse. Most likely better.

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PostPosted: Wed 01 May, 2013  Reply with quote

Dude ur so lucky IVe had like 2 LD in my life for now and i Wake up everytime after realising

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Tue 25 Feb, 2014  Reply with quote

Congratulations on your first LD! It seems like it was awesome from what you said!

It looks like you started off lucid and began to lose lucidity after a while. In order to prevent that, you're supposed to keep reminding yourself in the dream that you are dreaming.

Good luck with your next lucid dream!

Current LD goal(s): First I need to vividly remember my dreams every night...
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