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This has been bugging me...

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This has been bugging me...
PostPosted: Wed 28 Aug, 2013  Reply with quote

So I had a "dream" a couple months ago, but it was only an image. No sounds, no movement, no feeling, no smell, no anything except for one image: Jeff the Killer. I want to know what that's called. Oh, and if anyone could help me with lucid dreaming, that would be amazing. I've been trying and trying and searching and researching for a way to lucid dream. Nothing has worked. I've been trying to lucid dream by being perfectly still until I fell asleep but it seems like there's always something preventing me from doing so. Could someone help? Thank you for your consideration

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PostPosted: Thu 29 Aug, 2013  Reply with quote

standing still isn't the only way to have LD's. Actually, it's one of the hardest way to get LD's.

Just go on the tutorial section of the forum where all known techniques are well detailled.

Good luck !

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