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Sleep paralysis

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Novice dreamer
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Sleep paralysis
PostPosted: Tue 03 Dec, 2013  Reply with quote

I've posted a thread like this before but it was a bit ago anyway I've noticed I dont seem to be remembering dreams anymore I cant remember my last one so I came back to lucid dreaming last night because I totally forgot about it with school and stuff and sleep just bores me, when I dont dream I feel disappointed.

So I was gonna test a new method I found but ended up watching some vids on lucid dreams and Sleep paralysis and all them said not to be afraid but it made me more afraid, I mean the last time I experienced SP I knew what it was and tried not to be afraid of the voice but it eventually got to me.

I want to know if it is possible to induce sleep paralysis without sleeping and waking etc, like something I could do now to help me get used to this, the problem about doing when waking up during rem is I feel alone because everyone is asleep and this most likely contributed to the manifestation of fear, anyway all help is appreciated help sleep become fun for me again tounge2

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PostPosted: Tue 03 Dec, 2013  Reply with quote

If you want sleep to become fun again, I would beg to have as much sp as possible if I was you, because that is great fun. It is very impressive, interesting and gives you very high chance of getting lucid. I try so hard to have this sp, and I just don't get it anymore, damn. So stop being afraid, and start getting very excited about it, because it is very exciting.

I advice you: every time you experience SP to be very happy, because that means you are so close to LD. If you hear a voice, strange noices or feel strang feelings you should say "yes, it is starting, luky me", but don't get to excited (like me), because then SP goes away, and sleep becomes very boring again.

Have fun!

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PostPosted: Thu 05 Dec, 2013  Reply with quote

I'm in the same boat as dreamystivi, crossing the 'freshold' takes a lot of courage and is ever so satisfying. My first time letting go of all fear was an incredible experience which led to much more than just an incredible LD. Just enjoy the experience and see where it takes you :D

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Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Tue 17 Dec, 2013  Reply with quote

not all hallucinations during SP have to be scary. I have lucid dreams when I go back to sleep in the mornings a couple of times a week (I wake up at seven then go back to bed from 8-9). I almost always have SP but it's as harmless as hearing my roommates come into my room or a car pull up to the driveway, or my son speaking to me. I know that none of these things could be happening. I used to force myself up and awake to go look out the window and make sure a car didn't really pull up, but it never did. I think if you try to LD during the day or in the morning you won't have the same middle-of-the-night kind of fear, the daylight is comforting and your less likely to have a scary type of SP

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