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Can't connect to chatroom

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Can't connect to chatroom
PostPosted: Tue 04 Feb, 2014  Reply with quote

So I tried to connect to the chat room, and it says "Java needs your permission to run". Great, "Run this time", and then I get a window saying that the application is blocked by my security settings, and then another one saying something similar. The window then says Error: Click for details, and a window comes up that says "Your security settings have blocked a self-signed application from running"

So I guess it has to do with the security settings, right? eh
No idea what I have to change. I'm using chrome, if that helps.

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PostPosted: Tue 04 Feb, 2014  Reply with quote

If you struggle with the site client, I would suggest using a standalone IRC client such as HexChat. The proper settings for a connection to our chat room are on the Chat page in the header.

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PostPosted: Sun 16 Feb, 2014  Reply with quote

Can you choose: "always run on this site" instead of "just run this time"? I think that will work.

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PostPosted: Sun 16 Feb, 2014  Reply with quote

Java is the issue. Java now considers java to be a security threat, crazy eh?

I had this issue on my dad's laptop when I was trying to help him view webcams on a seaside website.

you need to open java on your pc, in the settings look for an option to add sites to exclude and put in all sites relating to the java chat applet. (I will check my father's laptop tomorrow and edit in more detail if need)

Though it would be easier to just use a proper client as Thorn suggested.

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PostPosted: Mon 17 Feb, 2014  Reply with quote

IRC settings:
nickname, real name, username are anything you wish (preferably without spaces)
server: irc.chat4all.org
port: 6667,6668,6669 or 7000 (any of these should work, I recommend trying the greatest first because I've seen ISPs blocking the other ones)
LD4all channels: #LD4all and #Dreamtime

If you can't use a real client, you can try mibbit (browser based but without java):
http://chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.chat4all.org&chann el=%23ld4all

Just click on it using any modern webbrowser and you should have no trouble.

After loading, a box will appear where you can put your desired nickname and then click on "GO".

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PostPosted: Mon 17 Feb, 2014  Reply with quote

Port 7001 will also work, at least if you use SSL. siiw

Mibbit is a great way to get around a port block, since it uses a standard HTTP port.

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