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A Downward Spiral

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A Downward Spiral
PostPosted: Fri 16 May, 2014  Reply with quote

Something weird's been going on with my lucid dreaming attempts, and it's really bothering me. My attempts have been getting less and less successful.

On the very first night I tried to lucid dream, I had 3 of them with only a vague knowledge of MILD and a lucid dreaming app, and the last one was long and memorable. I was really excited to continue trying. Two nights after that I tried to WILD, and I got very close in a somewhat scary experience as I've detailed in another post. At this point I thought I had a knack for it and was really happy.

I didn't get any more lucid dreams until the next week when I had 2 in the same night. They were short, though, and I got too excited. Still, this really renewed my excitement and I wanted to keep trying.

And after that... not much. A couple more almost-successful WILDs and no lucid dreams. I have been at it since March and it's halfway through May now, and despite trying I've got nothing. I keep using the app, do reality checks about twice an hour, keep a dream journal (my dream recall is 2-3 dreams per night), and do MILD on some nights, and I've tried WBTB, but nothing seems to be working. This is only made worse by my initial successes and I just feel really frustrated. Help?

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PostPosted: Sat 17 May, 2014  Reply with quote

Relax a bit. Frustration and expectations can be a hindrance to gaining lucidity. If you put so much pressure on yourself to perform (in dream) that can cause stress and stress makes getting lucid more difficult.

It took me months to get my first lucid dream. That's months of normal dreams with no signs other than what I read that they were even possible. It still can be weeks or months between lucid dreams so I'd say you're doing quite well already.

Apparently the people who have the most ease with lucid dreams don't see it as anything special at all. Perhaps your excitement is holding you back? (Hard one to deal with, I know. tounge2)

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PostPosted: Wed 21 May, 2014  Reply with quote

Same story here, I can be without LD 's for weeks, then I suddenly have 3 or 4 in one night, I'm full of new hope, then it's again weeks without even a single LD and suddenly there is another night with 3 or 4 LD's. It's really weird and it looks like there is ome kind of 'immunity' against lucid dreaming techniques is building up.

There is only one exception and that's when my day/night cycle is disturbed by jetlag during world trips. Then I can get LD's very easily, but I'm not intending to induce jetlags at home since there is a job which I want to keep wink5

Now I'm trying the 'door- trick' doing a RC each time I go through a door or gate but somehow it doesnt work in the dream although I often go through doors both in real life as in dreams...

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