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Just had my first lucid dream!

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Just had my first lucid dream!
PostPosted: Wed 16 Jul, 2014  Reply with quote

I DID IT! It only lasted for a few seconds but it was worth it. I don't know how I realized that I was dreaming, I just thought it. So I was in a front yard with a small pond and I was riding behind a fourwheeler on some type of sled, sliding everywhere, I told the lady to stop so I could get off and suddenly she was laying down in the grass. I knelt beside her and just thought out of nowhere, 'I'm dreaming' and everything sharpened, it still felt like a dream, yet I knew what I was doing. I looked down at my hands and they were normal looking, I didn't do another reality check, so I started rubbing my hands together to keep the clarity. Suddenly, my vision went double, like I had woken up and was seeing the real world in one section, and was dreaming in the other. I finally just woke up.

What do you think happened to make me have double vision/wake up? I didn't get overexcited.

What can I do to stay lucid longer?

Will lucid dreams come easier to me now?

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Fri 18 Jul, 2014  Reply with quote

I had the same effect as yours once. But in stead of the visual dreamworld disappearing at one side it was the auditive one. It wa as if everything was muted at my left side and still normal at the right side.

to get more lucid dreams: dont stop working on them and keep doing rc s etc. Most people are convinced they have got this ability under control once they had their first couple of ld s so they do it less or not anymore and they wont get new ld s anymore.

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PostPosted: Fri 18 Jul, 2014  Reply with quote

Congrats for your first LD! Woop! smile Well for being longer in the dream there is multiple techniques but the ones that works well are: when you feel that the lucidity goes away you speen around really fast and the other technique is to grab something really hard and scream "IM DREAAAAAAAAAMING!!!" lol i think this one works great or like liking stuff works too... and yea it will be easier if you believe that it is smile

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