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Loss of Dream-Recall

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Loss of Dream-Recall
PostPosted: Fri 21 Nov, 2014  Reply with quote

Hello to all.
It started like this, i recently decided to concentrate on Lucid dreaming as i have had a spontanious ld that i thought was projection.
I got myself a dream journal, pen,small torch and a notpad for keywords. I started of by having limited dream recall but after a week my recall rocketed to the point i woke up four to five times a night with dream recall on each awakening.
I started to meditate and be more mindfull through out the day.
All was looking great and i thought i would start to try lucid dreaming as the recall and quality seemed to great(for me atleast).On the 13/10/14 i received a call that all of us would never want to receive, my mother on the phone telling me she thinks my father is dead. This was at 1.30 am at 12 i was having a nightmare in which i was around my fathers house being violently shaken within a dream, Time of death 12ish.(story for another time)
I rushed around there checked his pulse and he had died, as you can imagine the devestation of a close family.
However this leads to my question.
From the 13/10/14 my dreams stopped for a couple of days which was expected then my dreams resumed. Just a couple a night for a short period then they dwindled to one and now nothing. i am getting just a slight thought of a dream that i have to rewind on and it never was like that, i did in the past wake up and boom didnt even have to think about it
What should i do to bring back my awareness of dreamland.
I use Mild telling myself i will remember my dreams
I use a journal religously
Sorry for the long post i just needed peeps to know the full story

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PostPosted: Mon 24 Nov, 2014  Reply with quote

I wouldn't beat yourself up. It's typical to lose dream recall while you're grieving or depressed.

I've more or less gone through the same thing. I've gone from writing down 3+ dreams in my journal every day for months straight to struggling to remember even one.

I suppose it's possible that grief, or stress, can change the neurochemical balance associated with memory.

Probably the best three things you can do are: (1) honor your grief—let yourself feel what you feel; (2) get extra sleep; and, (3) get enough nutrition, especially the spate of essential fatty acids and vitamins related to memory and brain health.

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