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Phone overheating while listening to binaural beats

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Phone overheating while listening to binaural beats
PostPosted: Sun 11 Jan, 2015  Reply with quote

I'm not sure if this is in the right section or not, so sorry if it isn't.

I woke up at 2:30 in the morning, about 3 hours after falling asleep. I had 2 thoughts - this is a great chance to do WBTB, and why did the binaural beats stop?! I went to grab my phone to check it out, and found out that my phone was burning hot! I was actually worried about damage getting done to it.

Has anyone ever experienced this, what could have caused it, how can I prevent it, and why might the binaural beats be stopping after a few hours?

Edit: and yes I know it was real because I did a reality check

Thanks for any suggestions

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PostPosted: Sun 11 Jan, 2015  Reply with quote

I don't think there really is a right section on the website to put this, because you're asking for tech support on a dreaming forum. tounge2

Firstly, search online for the issue to see if anyone else experiences it and what solutions they did/didn't find. Make sure your search includes your phone's make and model number. This is more-often-than-not not what the guy in the store is selling it as. For instance, there are so many different models and variants of Samsungs Galaxy series, if you told me your phone was a "Galaxy S" I wouldn't be able to do much with the information. A quick wikipidia-ing says that there are 5 actual models of "Galaxy S 4". It may seem silly of me to make a big deal of this but it's a bit of a PSA I suppose.

Especially if you are using external speakers, I can conceive the power drain being enough strain on the battery to produce a lot of heat. Another possible culprit is applications running in the background, but that can easily be ruled out if this only happens when you're playing the beats. If you're using an application to produce the beats, its also possible that it's optimized very poorly, and you might want to try another one.

If you're phone is overheating, it may restart, and of course your music would stop playing but it would look like your phone never turned off. Or, it could be an app setting or OS setting of some kind, where extraneous processes are shunted away to save power/processor.

In my mind though, it should be a non-issue. If you have a laptop, you can set it to not sleep while it's closed and play music that way. Better yet, use a desktop or CD-player on repeat. I think using headphones might be helpful, if you can fall asleep with them in. It just seems a bit strange to use a phone for multi-hour playback.

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PostPosted: Sun 11 Jan, 2015  Reply with quote

Did you place it under your pillow?
Some mobiles may overheat just by being there.

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