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Dream signs

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Dream signs
PostPosted: Fri 03 Apr, 2015  Reply with quote

I have been using the look at your hands method but I started getting other signs as well, some seemed deliberately aimed at getting my attention. A few were seeing my face in a mirror. I'm just wondering if the hidden observer or self behind the dream is trying to help me.

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Tambourine Stream
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PostPosted: Wed 27 May, 2015  Reply with quote

I get quite a number of dream signs, or triggers, to make me lucid. Sometimes I completely miss them - including a duck the size of a double-decker bus quacking down the street!

Two regular ones (that usually work) are finding myself on a staircase (I can't do stairs in waking life) and the other is not being able to stop when driving my car. I can get it to go really slow, but it just won't stop. Which is rather disconcerting when coming to a junction and I fail to get lucid. eek2

It's amazing what our subconscious / hidden observer / whatever you want to call it will do to help us get lucid.

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