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Lucid "feeling" in a non-lucid dream

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PostPosted: Sun 17 May, 2015  Reply with quote

Hmm... hard to tell It could be it, or closely related to it...

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PostPosted: Sat 23 May, 2015  Reply with quote

I just thought I should write about this today, which is rather simple.

I had a really long LD this morning and I think that besides the achievement, "energizing", etc feeling there's also the "hey, I am not wasting time or opportunity and sleeping mindlessly.

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Lucid "feeling" in non-lucid dreams
PostPosted: Sat 13 Jun, 2015  Reply with quote

I have to state (as I recall reading my long DJ), that I also have a very long collection of lucid "feelings" in many non-lucid but very vivid dreams.
All the powers were present during the dream but I was nothing else than an observing Eye. The Eye.
This "in between" dimension has made me wonder about another factor: Ego Loss.
We all exist within a definite Ego frame that records our memories.
Including the memories of Ego Loss.
The best kind of memories.
We live Separated and technically divided from the absolute One.
The only true property of Ego literally and metaphorically is in the Memories of self.
Nothing else is permanent!

As I have a experimented in altered states of consciousness in the past, I am familiar with this very different state of existence and awareness:
When it comes through the "Void" of deep meditation, or via chemical and or shamanic action, or in dreams, ...it may happen!
When it happens it is our sacred duty to surrender to it unconditionally as it marks beyond doubt Unity with the absolute One!
When I once made the fatal mistake to assert my Ego during this transcendental state it vanished instantly teaching me that I cannot mess with it. I lost it, and returned humiliated at my selfish ego.

So I would like to share with you my conviction that beyond RD and LD, there is a possibility to experience a different state of existence, a different state of perception.
This might me our ultimate purpose in life!

When this happens the only commitment is ...Silence...
Good day to you all,

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PostPosted: Sun 02 Oct, 2016  Reply with quote

I think dreams that are between lucid and not lucid are just as normal dreams as regular lucid/non lucid dreams. Things don't have to be black and white. You may feel lucid in a dream, just still feel like having a normal dream, cuz maybe your mind can get more creative that way. Thats kind of how it works to me...Not sure that made sense to you, but I THINK it did for me! :D and i do have trouble with black/white thinking a bit, due to my autism...

Not to say that regular lucid/non lucid are all black and white. A dream with one of those as the main themes can still be a lot of fun and enlightening. But dreams can also have both and i don't really think its anything to worry about too much.

Yeah...i hope this post didn't get anyone all upset sadblauw like i said: i'm autistic. I worry about black and white a lot. I probably don't know fully what black and white even means. I'm just working with what i see through my own eyes thus far. Again, i hope this post didn't get under anyones skin. Maybe i shouldn't of said anything...

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The point of having a dream body
PostPosted: Sun 02 Oct, 2016  Reply with quote

Hello Mismagius,

I agree with you a lot. I often think in grades of vividness when recalling a dream. The most vivid dreams for me, is when I can say that I have experienced having a dream body, with the sensations that go with that. I think this is connected to being lucid, to have the sensation of a body that you can willfully move. In fact, when the visual part of a lucid dream fades, rubbing your hands together is often said to bring it back.

NB! You don't have to keep focus on your autism - I think it itself is not black or white, as it can be a question of certain traits to a bigger or lesser degree.

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