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Dream Recall...

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Dream Recall...
PostPosted: Thu 05 Jan, 2017  Reply with quote

Hello everyone!

I practised lucid dreaming 2/3 years ago and i had many of them. I'm already 2 months back on it, and i try but i can't remember many dreams, only two a week. I keep a dream journal but as you see its not enough for me.

I already had some lucid dreams since i started again, but i can't remember them clear. I also notice that my dreams are all very blurry and i don't remember clear pictures, places or objects and persons.

Can you guys please help me with this cry
because i got so many good idea's of lucid dream techniques and things to do, but without any recall it just doesnt work

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PostPosted: Fri 06 Jan, 2017  Reply with quote

Shaking up the style of my dream journal has helped with clarity and remembering dreams.

Maybe keep different colored pens/pencils handy and make drawings as you write?

You might also benefit from a lucid dreaming program. The book "Lucid Dreams in 30 Days, The Creative Sleep Program" by Keith Harary and Pamela Weintraub has some cool things to say about how to go about becoming lucid. Maybe see if your local library or someone in your peer group has it for borrowing?

Another thing that seems to affect dreaming abilities is diet, exercise and activity. Just being consistent with when you sleep could have a powerful impact on your recall.

Hope this helps!

Current LD goal(s): Greater awareness
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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Mon 09 Jan, 2017  Reply with quote

Try sleeping for about 5.5-6 hours, wake up, and stay up for about 30 minutes to an hour, however long its takes you to lose that sleepy grogginess, then go back to sleep. This will increase your awareness.

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