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My quest for lucidity

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My quest for lucidity
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Before I offer any answers or pose any questions I would like to offer an explanation as to why my first post to Dreamviews.com is in the "Attaining Lucidity" forum and not the customary "Newbie Zone".

I have always known of lucid dreaming but the first time I was told that it was possible for it to be consciously induced was about a year ago. At the time I had no knowledge of the numerous antonyms ending in "ILD", sleep paralysis, Galantamine, or any of the other words and phrases used regularly on this site. This is because, like most people, the first things I heard about lucid dreaming were misleading at best. fortunately I was smart enough to realize that "closing your eyes super tight" probably wasn't going to trick the most advanced computer in the world (the human brain). Deciding it was impossible I discarded the concept and carried on regularly. A few months later, stumbling aimlessly on the internet I came across an article about the NovaDreamer, a product I'm sure you all have heard of. Were it not for my slight interest in the subject I would have said "TL;DR" and continued on but thankfully I decided to read it. I was intrigued. Over the days that followed my intrigue turned into enthrallment, I had found a new hobby. I watched youtube videos, read sleep studies, learned brain anatomy, and added a few dozen new words to my vocabulary. It didn't take long for me to find what has been by far the most helpful reference, this website. After a month or so of reading threads and instructions I have decided to become a member of the community. Already knowing the answers to most of the questions posed in the "Newbie" threads I thought it a good idea to jump into the thick of it.

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