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Happy 20th birthday LD4all! - thank you all

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ebil stars
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Happy 20th birthday LD4all! - thank you all
PostPosted: Wed 25 May, 2016  Reply with quote

Today marks the 20th anniversary of LD4all.

That's 20 years of spreading the art and knowledge of lucid dreaming online.
Started back in 1996 as my graduation project, grown into the wonderful community that LD4all is now.

I want to use this occassion for a huge thank you.
for all the dreamers who call LD4all their homebase
for all the members who make up this community
for all the sponsors who help me pay the bills
for the moderator team who have helped shape the community over the years and keep the vibe
for the chatroomteam who keep the vibe in the chat

there are so many people I want to thank, the list would be endless. I thank YOU, reading this. You know who you are. And all help you have given towards growing this community, helping out fellow (aspiring) lucid dreamers, supporting LD4all in any way that you are doing, know that your efforts are seen and recognized. And thank you.

Here is to 20 years more and beyond!

I invite you to the thread siiw has started to share your LD4all stories.

Link to My DJ: ld4all.com
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PostPosted: Wed 25 May, 2016  Reply with quote

As someone who has been wishing hundreds of birthdays/anniversaries, I could not avoid replying to this.

I do not think people expect a website/community to get so far.
I guess everyone would wish to thank Qu as well, not only members.
Not only its age, LD4all has been cited by several other media.
LD4all is now part of history and we are part of LD4all.

After thanking, we could put our plans forward to keep it up.

Thank you Qu and everyone who reads this.

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PostPosted: Thu 16 Jun, 2016  Reply with quote

wow how could I Forget a huge thing like this? I have been very busy with RL the last year and thus lost contact with this place, but I will never forget the community and the people that are in here, happy 20th brithday and may this place live for 20 more years at least Lucid Dreamers Unite

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PostPosted: Thu 23 Jun, 2016  Reply with quote

Happy Birthday! Hard to believe its been around so long and I am excited to become an active part of it. I have a lot of reading to do.

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PostPosted: Mon 27 Jun, 2016  Reply with quote

It's really amazing for me to see, in this everchanging online world where nothing seems to last, that a community exists and thrives for so long. And amazingly, somehow I have at least witnessed from a distance a bit more than 10 years of its existence (joined 27 Jan 2005).
I have to admit that my personal life has been far less stable than this online place. Even though I've never been a really active poster, I have been around in the chat on quite some night shift. I have met awesome people here, and still remember some conversations fondly.
However, changes in my work (not doing night shifts any more) have affected my opportunities to be here, and additionally, evil things like Facebook and such have been stealing away my attention. Even worse, with the sleep schedule my work requires now, I don't have much luck at LD anymore.
But still, it's good to stop by and look in once in a while, and notice gratefully that the great people running this place have not been swept away by real life like many others (I've seen this on roleplaying forums).
Maybe I should stop by a little more often.
To the next 20 years, best wishes and pleasant dreams to everybody here.

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Lady Yomi
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PostPosted: Wed 07 Dec, 2016  Reply with quote

Oh---! congrats! ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for having the best place to share our experiences for so many years! May this site live for 100 years more!!

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PostPosted: Wed 08 Mar, 2017  Reply with quote

That's incredible!

Thank you LD4all for being such a wonderful community and inspiring place during my formative years. I've learned so much, and it's helped me in ways I can't vocalize.

Love everyone! hugs

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