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Can the human mind create a face?

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Can the human mind create a face?
PostPosted: Mon 06 Feb, 2017  Reply with quote


This is something that has bothered me for years. When there is a character in your dreams (lucid or not) and you do not know them. Did the mind create them? Or do you think it is the subconscious either using a face you saw but did not take notice to, lets say a random person you passed at the mall. Or do you think the mind is putting together a face from parts of people you know. I don't think it could be people you know well or you would pick up on that.

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PostPosted: Fri 10 Feb, 2017  Reply with quote

Wow, great question... I think it would be difficult to find the answer. I'm sure it is a combination of real faces on some level, but probably remembered from throughout life so we have a pretty big pool to draw from. I always like to think of dream characters as pretty unique though, each one created by the brain with some subconscious intention.

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PostPosted: Fri 10 Feb, 2017  Reply with quote

Hi richardwalter smile

Hm, as far as I know, we don't create faces. As far as I know, we see ppl in our dreams we have seen already. As you already said, our SC saves a lot of faces. All those faces return when you dream, I think the brain just fills a gap: "I need a face here, let's take that cashier guy from last Tuesday..." And yes, I believe we are able to mix them up: the nose from him, the eyes of her, the hair is from that child from the play ground... I think that's how it works.
Of course, we can't prove it! You cannot remember if you have seen that person from your dream or not, but I'm pretty sure we just see ppl we have seen already smile I'm visually impaired, so all faces I see are very blurry. The only faces I see clearly are friends, family, well known actors...
I did a bit research and read an article written by some professor who studies dreams, he analyzed about 5000 dreams. He says not quite the same as I do. Yes, he believes that we use images from reality to create new things in dreams but we are also able to create complete new things, new towns, new monsters and - why not - new faces :D So it depends. Sometimes you dream of someone you know, sometimes you mix two ppl together and, as it seems, you are able to create a complete new person.

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PostPosted: Wed 19 Apr, 2017  Reply with quote

Imagine that you hear about a person you have never met. Most people will make up a mental image of that person in their head. The brain has a good idea of what a human face look like, and most of us can visualise a stranger even in waking life.

I have seen people in my dreams with exceptional traits such as scars, odd growths, missing or deformed body parts, etc. I am almost sure that I have never seen a human look like that IRL. I would have remembered (I have a mild phobia of facial deformities)

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PostPosted: Thu 20 Apr, 2017  Reply with quote

I was waiting for some kind of reply like Siiw's before commenting.

Here is my rant about this:
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Thanks for asking this interesting question!
I hope this helps! ^^

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PostPosted: Thu 20 Apr, 2017  Reply with quote

Great post Tggtt.

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PostPosted: Fri 21 Apr, 2017  Reply with quote

The answer then seems to relate to the question of, what is the smallest unit from which our creativity forms itself?

I would say we do create completely unique faces. If we're able to construct a unique face from a known set of eyes, a nose, and some ears - well what makes a nose unique, its shape, the color of its skin, the size of its nostrils, etc? Surely our brain can play around with those variables.

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